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April 2021 Favorites

I've been focusing on filling my creative well this month. Almost to the point of having too many things to talk about here. But I narrowed it down, and I'm saving some for the future.

Grishaverse: I've been hearing about this universe for years, but with the Netflix series approaching, I decided it was time to dive into the books. And I'm so glad I did. This world and magic system are fascinating. The scene in the first book where Alina finally accepts her powers was very moving for me. And I'm excited to read more!

Sailor Moon (Manga): I can't believe I haven't mentioned Sailor Moon in one of these posts, but I finally finished the manga this month. Sailor Moon was a show everyone seemed to have watched back in childhood. Except me. I found my way to anime with Saint Tail, and while I had some interest in Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura at that time, it wasn't until years later (after InuYasha & Fullmetal Alchemist, among others) that I really started watching those magical girl classics. I enjoyed Sailor Moon then, but didn't completely fall in love until the Crystal anime and the Eternal Editions of the manga. Sailor Moon is a gorgeous manga, and the story shares some parallels with my own universe, which makes me love it even more!

Say I Love You (Manga): I'm back with reading this series, and Vol. 10 was so amazing that I had to mention it again! I related to Mei so much in that volume, and I thought the advancing romance was done really well! There are still a few things I don't like about this series, but the good parts really sweep me away.

Music Favs: Maps for the Getaway (Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness), Promise (MUNA), Bullet (Ann Marr), Mind Games [Single Version] (Haevn), He Said She Said (CHVRCHES), Window (Now, Now), Shadows (Hannah Cohen), Everything Ends Up Ending (Laureline), Storm (Lovers Electric), Right Where You Left Me & Seven (Taylor Swift), Willows (Vanessa Carlton).
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Favorite Fanworks List/Fanworks Recommendations

This is the place to find a list of my favorite fanworks from all across the web. Also, feel free to make recommendations of any fanworks (of fandoms I'm interested in) that you think I'd like in a comment.

I used to spend so very much of my time reading and writing fanfiction. Though that time has passed, I still love quality fanworks and this will be the place where I list them.

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Want you here tonight...

The 7th grade was combined the whole day. Being a Catholic School, we had our confession day. We have it twice a year: Once before Christmas and once before Easter. I always dread confession days. I get horribly nervous and jumpy. I can't explain why really. I suppose it's just because the priest always looks at me when I'm finished as if to say, "And...". So I always end up saying, "And, that's it." Then he proceeds to look at me as though I am lying. Does anyone else feel that way, I wonder. It's suppose to make you feel better, isn't it? It always makes me feel like I am going to retch.

As I walked up the stairs, feeling rather sick indeed, I realized that classes had changed during my torment. I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if he was in my seat?".

And guess what? He was. The he being the boy I mildly mentioned before as a fleeting object of affection. I will refer to him from now on as Jellybean. Although, I doubt I'll need to much...

So, I became even more upset. I no longer hold feelings for Jellybean, but it was still difficult to be near him. Why must I hold on to such negative things? Perhaps I'll never know.

Later though, I also had to deal with Seth. He spotted me reading some Saint Tail fanfiction. In the folder I also had my favorite picture of Saint Tail. He was staring at it. He asked annoying questions too. Sadly, it was the highlight of my day.