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Valerie Rutherford
28 May 1989

Hello, my name is Valerie Rutherford. I'm a writer, a lover, and a dreamer. I've always been the kind of person who doesn't fit in. I'm very sentimental and hyper-sensitive to everything. I have extreme Social Anxiety as well as Panic Disorder. And I sometimes come off as completely miserable, but my normal is just a little lower than the average person. I'd like that to change eventually, but for now, I'm all about accepting myself as I am.

I'm a very spiritual person, and I choose what I believe in from my heart. I believe in a benevolent power which is loving, accepting, and forgiving. I'm a vegetarian for the love of animals. I support animal rights, LGBT+ rights, celebrating diversity, and protecting the environment. And I try to promote compassion and equality wherever possible. I believe in destiny and synchronicity, but also in choosing your own path. I believe in soulmates, even though I haven't found mine yet. I know there has to be someone like me, who shares my deepest beliefs, out there somewhere.

My passion is writing. I've been creating songs and stories as far back as I can remember. I started writing fanfiction when I was about eleven, which I still dabble in here and there, but I now focus my writing in a fantasy universe I call The Timeline. My books are YA Fantasy, with a strong emphasis on characters and their relationships. I write magic as a way of bringing a visual manifestation to emotions and inner strength.

I love books, movies, manga, anime, tv shows, and video games. I basically love great stories in every form. I'm exceptionally obsessed with Harry Potter, NANA, Cardcaptor Sakura, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Persona, and The Sims 2. I also listen to a wide variety of music and a handful of podcasts.

I started this journal mainly for myself, but I'm a very open person, so most of my personal entries are not locked. I hope that, by writing honestly about my real issues, anyone who does read my entries might feel a little more free to be themselves. Of course, I also have plenty of entries about my books and writing process. Feel free to browse through whichever tags interest you!

Just so you know: Morgan = the name I use to refer to my romantic soulmate; Vanessa = the ego, shadow, or nagging voice who tells me I'm not good enough; Jill = my therapist and mentor.

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