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10 Random Things

 Because I only update my journal when I get tagged by something. I think it's because I really would like to continue filling in from my book journals... but no one seems to want to read that, so I just don't update at all. Anyways, I was actually supposed to do this on Myspace, but I don't particularly like Myspace. It does have good aspects, certainly, but... ah, I'm rambling. So, let's see 10 random things that will make you think I'm crazy. No, seriously... just wait.

1. I tend to refer to myself as three different characters: Vanessa, the dark one, Hachi, the lovesick one, and Aviva, the pure one. No, I don't have multiple personalities; they're all just part of what makes me... me. They also represent my connection to three different soulmates, which I will explain momentarily.

2.  I am super inspired by music. And I love almost all kinds. To people who don't know me well it might seem like too ordinary of a thing to put down; however, to people who have known me a long time, but still not particularly well, I think it would be surprising. It also leads to...

3. Singing, my semi-secret passion. And with that goes...

4. I keep a notebook in front of me at my desk constantly because I like to scribble down bits of song lyrics... mostly my own that will probably never make it into a full song. Sometimes I write random words and other such nonsense as well. I got this from Mallory. ^_^ I've come up with several titles that way.

5. I have a very good memory for the most part. Sometimes, I surprise myself with how well I remember things. I think it's partly because...

6. I'm an observer not a participator. And I'm perfectly fine with that. I like to live in my stories... and I don't want to travel the world or experience many new things. I like it this way. But I do try to respect that there are people who need to do that. I just know I want...

7. To live a quiet life with Morgan, my romantic soulmate, writing and taking care of animals. That is seriously my greatest dream. It probably seems small to most people, but I don't care. This is my life, and this is what truly I want.

8. I consider myself a Hufflepuff. Sure, it's the most ignored house in the books... but it's the one I honestly relate the most to. I love equality and fairness. And loyality and love. Lots of love. For people and animals. And our planet. And I try to work towards that with whatever little I may have to give. Strangely, though... while I am a Hufflepuff, the house I relate the most to after that is Slytherin. It represents that darker, Vanessa side to me. Seems an odd combination, yes?

9. On the less deep side, my life is run by hundreds of random "rules". If people really knew how much, they'd think me OCD. And maybe I am; who knows?

10. And finally, the deep thing that rules my life more than anything else... I have always believed in God. And I always will. But over the past 3 or 4 years, I've had to strip away what I was told to believe about God and come to understand what I truly believe. And it doesn't fall under any religion perfectly. I'm very spiritual... and what I believe in now, more than anything else, is that God created many people who will touch our lives profoundly, but three people are connected to you most strongly... three soulmates, your romantic soulmate, your friendship soulmate, and your spiritual soulmate (more like a guardian angel). This is what runs my heart and soul... you can, of course, choose to not believe in it, but I do with every fiber of my being. And another important thing to note is that not everyone considers the same soulmate the most important. Yours could be your friendship soulmate or even your spiritual soulmate. But mine has always been, and will always remain, my romantic soulmate. Where ever he is.

So, now... if you feel like it, write 10 random facts or habits about yourself. 


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Feb. 8th, 2008 12:14 am (UTC)
>_>taking ♥
Mar. 11th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
10 made me want to cry. I love you.
May. 24th, 2008 03:22 am (UTC)
I used to refer to part of myself as internal editor, who was the part of me who told me not to do things because they were bad/wrong/silly/bad things would happen if I did them. I haven't thought about internal editor in a while, but he's still there. Just hasn't reared his head in a while...
May. 24th, 2008 07:30 am (UTC)
Ah, yes... Vanessa's like that. Or she used to be, as well. I've tamed her now... mostly. Haha.
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