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Video Game Meme

Stolen from Tumblr, because I never get to talk about video games here anymore. Video games have influenced my writing so much, and I want them to be recognized as a total valid way to tell a story. Novels are not inherently better than any other art form. Every medium has it's own magic. Sorry I have to turn everything too serious. This was supposed to be fun.

Favorite game from the last 5 years? ‒ Final Fantasy XV, or maybe Persona 5, but I haven’t finished that yet. Also, Mario Odyssey and Super Mario 3D World? I’m bad a choosing one favorite. (And don’t get me started on all the great remasters!)

Most nostalgic game? ‒ Super Mario RPG. Anything NES/SNES Mario related, but that especially. I cannot accurately tell you how much I love SMRPG without embarrassing myself.

Game that deserves a sequel? ‒ Also Super Mario RPG. At least in terms of what I don’t know we’re getting. I enjoy Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, but they don’t quite compare.

Game that deserves a remaster? ‒ Also Super Mario RPG. My answers are getting boring, but... I just want something, something SMRPG related. But I’ll add on all the Shadow Hearts games. And Final Fantasy VI, so I can finally play it.

Favorite game series? ‒ Kingdom Hearts.

Favorite genre? ‒ JRPGs.

Least favorite genre? ‒ Shooters.

Favorite song from a game? ‒ I have a lot of video game soundtracks. Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ is probably my most played song, since I used it for Dreaming in Shadow’s soundtrack. Also, Simple and Clean & Passion. And basically anything from Final Fantasy X.

Favorite character from a game? ‒ Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

Favorite ship from a game? ‒ Tidus/Yuna. Or Yuri/Alice from Shadow Hearts.

Favorite voice actor from a game? ‒ I haven’t really thought about this much. Which characters has Crispin Freeman voiced lately? I like Lightning’s voice a lot. (Final Fantasy XIII)

Favorite cutscene?Suteki da Ne. Yuna’s dance. 1,000 Words. Or Sora giving up his heart to free Kairi’s.

Favorite boss? ‒ Ansem at the end of Kingdom Hearts.

First console? ‒ SNES. There’s a really goofy picture of my shocked/blissed face at Christmas.

Current console or consoles? ‒ PS4 & PS3 & PS2 & Switch are all hooked up to my TV right now. I also have the Wii U around to finish a few things. And a charging Vita and 3DS. I almost exclusively play The Sims 2 on my PC, but I do have a Steam account with some games.

Console you want? ‒ I have the modern consoles I want right now, but I would love to have a working SNES, N64, and Genesis some day.

Place from a game that you’d like to visit? ‒ Macalania Woods in Final Fantasy X. Uh, also... Nimbus Land or Star Hill from Super Mario RPG?

Place from a game that you’d like to live in? ‒ Maybe Rose Town from Mario RPG?

Ridiculous crossover that would never happen but would be super fun? ‒ Kingdom Hearts visiting Super Mario RPG world.

Book that would make a good game? ‒ Divergent? I’m not sure. I'm still waiting for a truly great Harry Potter game.

Show/movie that would make a good game? ‒ Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Firefly.

Games you want to play? ‒ Kingdom Hearts 3. And sooo many others!

Have you gotten 100% completion in a game? ‒ I got a Platinum in LEGO Harry Potter 1-4. I came close to getting everything in my original Kingdom Hearts save, which got tragically deleted before I could finally beat Sephiroth. (But let's be honest... that probably wasn't going to happen.)

Have you cried over a game? ‒ Almost every single game with a story?

What power-up or ability would you want in real life? ‒ Yuna’s summons.
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