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10 Happy Things

 Post 10 things that have recently made you happy and tag 10 friends to do the same. (Tagged by: karma_in_a_box)

Happy? Honestly? Do you know how difficult that is? Well, here goes...

1. I wrote 5 pages of Dreaming in Shadow on Monday. Which is basically how much I'd written in the past 6 months before.
2. To go along with that, realizing that I actually still love writing deep down, even if I have to force myself to do it.
3. Having a functioning computer with TONS of space.
4. Being able to recover all my  files from the old computer, even though it took awhile.
5. The speediness of The Sims 2 on new computer. <3 Seriously.
6. Making Jodi's family from Dreaming in Shadow on The Sims 2. And her house, which was a lot of work but totally worth it.
7. Getting my room clean. You know, for me. Not actually clean. Haha.
8. Being organized enough this year to attempt Christmas cards, finally.
8. Talking to fluffyfledgling about an issue that had been bothering me a lot, and not feeling so incredibly weird anymore. Thanks, Love.
9. Having someone to watch Project Runway with me now (My Grandma!). And not feeling so silly watching that myself. Haha.
10. And last but never least, having great friends to make the everyday sadness a bit lighter.

So, I don't like doing the tagging thing, but if you want to do it and say I tagged you, you're welcome to do it.
Tags: family, friends, surveys, tech, the sims, tv shows, video games, writing

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