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Connected via Magnolia

 So, remember how I said my computer was fixed? Yeah, not really. After days of getting everything back to normal after the reformat, everything started to mess up. Internet Explorer would just randomly stop working. I couldn't get any Windows Updates. And when I finally got them to work, the updates killed my graphics card and my sound card. At one point, even my mouse was malfunctioning. 

Yeah, fun.

So, yeah... new computer. Meet Magnolia, Maggie for short. She's shiny and pretty, and has gorgeous Windows Vista, and has four times more space than my old computer, Ginger! And of course, most importantly, she actually works. I'm going to have to get used to this bigger screen, way more room on my desk, and of course, Vista. But yeah, I'm just glad I finally have a working computer after two weeks of torture. 

Poor Ginger, though. I was still going to get some files off of her, but we wanted to move her into the spare room... and when we plugged her in, she just wouldn't turn on. She's officially dead now. :( I feel really sad. plus I still have some stuff to get off of her. (Any ideas, anyone?)

So, on with a new era. 

Ginger: October 9, 2003 ~ October 29, 2007 ...Rest in peace, Ginger. 

Magnolia (Maggie): October 29, 2007 ~ Present. ^_^
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