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It was just one of those days when...

you just want to scream, "Why me, God?"

I was fine. I was finally able to be over Seth. Finally! He was gone, but I didn't even care. It didn't matter anymore. I was over Seth! And then... it happened. I saw him again.

Those who know me personally might ask, "How so...? You never go anywhere, Val."

Well, I did.

On a particularly boring Sunday, my father called and asked if I wanted to go somewhere with him. The first thought that popped into my head was a basketball game. Now, I'm not some basketball fan or anything. I really don't like sports. But up until I got to the game, I sort of liked one of the players. I was a very short term thing, so it will not even be mentioned.

I took my best friend, Natalie. That was not a good idea. She's the kind of girl who falls for about 95% of the guys that she meets.

Once there, I went looking for Dean's cousin, Monica. She's also a good friend of mine even though she's a bit younger than me. Actually I usually get along better with people younger or older than me.

Once I found her I looked up and saw HIM. Seth. There. I could not believe my eyes. I know it's childish but only one thought flash through my head... HIDE.

I escaped downstairs to the cafeteria where the Varsity cheerleaders were practicing. Mallory, yes the girl that was going out with Dean, waved at me. I still cannot believe that we are on speaking terms. Jenna, however, retained her usual glare.

Then I wanted to let Natalie look at my locker. Unfortunately Seth was in the way. We waited until he went upstairs. Only the doors were locked. Seth came downstairs and I was trapped. He loomed above me in a way I couldn't explain. So I was stuck huddling in the corner praying that he wouldn't notice.

I did eventually escape, but as we were leaving we had to walk past Seth. Natalie went through the doors along with my father first. Then suddenly, he spoke:

"Did you finish your novel?"

He was speaking of my fanfiction story, Lily and the Coral Orb. I so well remember the days when he tried to steal it from me and I would kick him.

I said nothing to him.

"I see you driving past me as I walk home from school," he said.

I was mortified. I did have my mom drive me past Sharon school everyday to see him. Only it never seemed like he noticed me. Seth walked home looking depressed and always wearing that light green jacket of his, regardless of the temperature.

Then he said again... "So did you finish your novel?"

I felt Natalie tugging on the back of my shirt and I quickly said, "No" and ran.

I have no idea what I am going to do now...
Tags: friends, lily and the coral orb, paper journal, seth

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