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Computer Virus

The last three days have been absolutely exhausting. I got a computer virus late Saturday night... and it was the worst I've ever had. After trying everything I could possibly think of, I finally just did a full system reformat. Which basically means it's back to the way it was when you first get it. Most of my personal files are okay since they were on a separate drive. Thank God!

So, in the end, all I lost was about a month's worth of Sims 2 data. Which isn't that bad, all things considered. But I still had to reinstall/redownload all of my programs and adjust my settings and such. And you should be able to tell how much of an impact it had on me... considering I'm actually posting about it.

So, yeah... I haven't been around... that's why. But once I do a back up of my files (Which I should have done Sunday... but yeah, kind of couldn't.), I shall finally be released from this curse and able to breathe again. Hurray!

Tags: tech, the sims, video games

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