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My Name is Ethan Abbot...

Hello, all! I've actually been faring quite well (for me). The Autumn breeze has entered my life, and the resulting inspiration has kept me super busy. But in a good way. The writing way! I've been working on first drafts, second drafts, and outlines for stories to come. It all feels exciting and amazing. And I could go on and on with the details. But I'm here to share something specific.

I mentioned in my last main post that
I had finished an outline for a new story. And I started that story last week! The Town of Raindrops. I've been planning it since about early 2006. If you didn't know, I usually write my stories out in notebooks first. But I have decided to share the first bit with you here. I actually typed this before I had "officially" started the new story. It will be the first page, but it may also end up on the back cover, too.


“My name is Ethan Abbot, and I live in the town where it never stops raining.” That’s how I always introduce myself to people. It’s the only remarkable thing about my life. I’ve got a crappy job and a band that’s going nowhere. No one wants to know about that. Everyone just wants to hear about The Town of Raindrops. That’s what they officially renamed my town about a year ago. That’s what the letters say. Because it’s been raining here for six years, and no one knows why.

Of course, anyone I meet these days knows exactly where I live. That’s why they come here: to see my tiny, insignificant hometown, just because we have rain 365 days a year. So, actually, I introduce myself… “My name is Ethan Abbot, and welcome to The Town of Raindrops. I hope you have a wonderful stay.”

Life sucks.


Hopefully, that is a good enough teaser for you! I keep jumping around with my current projects and a few more "coming soons", so who knows when I'll finish anything. But I just keep following my bliss over here. And (for right now), that's feeling pretty good.

Blessings to you all!
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