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Because Forgiveness is Good for Your Soul

Thank you. For letting me feel the strongest love I could for you. Stronger than some people will ever feel. For giving me the knowledge that I wasn’t the only one suffering out there. For saving my life… even though you didn’t mean to. For giving me inspiration. For the many stories I’ve written with you in them. For teaching me how to survive cruelty that only made my compassion stronger. I know love truly is stronger than anything else now.

Thank you. For that time you apologized, and I didn’t believe you. I think you really meant it that time. It doesn’t even matter if you didn’t. I still forgive you now.

I wish you a wonderful life. People who have suffered as deeply as we did deserve it. And know that, when I think of you now, I am thankful. I loved you with all my heart, and I’ll never regret that.

{Inspired by this post.}
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