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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Overview Part 4

Chapter 26 - Gringotts

Okay, who else wondered if the man with the bloody bandage over his eye was really Moody at first? 

Harry using Imperio was... interesting. Some people are pretty bothered by Harry using Unforgivables, but in this case, at least, I think it was needed.

The poor dragon! I'm so glad that it was able to find freedom after helping our trio. 

Chapter 27 - The
Final Hiding Place

The line that make me realize the last battle was quickly approaching... "Voldemort would know, at last, that they were hunting Horcruxes..."

And, okay, I was wrong about Voldemort's old trophy, which I thought made a rather fetching theory, but there was a Horcrux in Hogwarts. I felt that very strongly, but like with Harry, most people didn't seem to believe me. But it seemed too perfect. I mean, Hogwarts was Voldemort's only home. His, Harry's, and Snape's, just as what is said later. Black, white and, grey. That would be a good title for something.

Chapter 28 - The Missing Mirror

Horribly sad, the Dumbledores' true story. And both of them had kept it inside for so long. Again, tears running down my cheeks... a smile, finally, as Neville appears. 

Chapter 29 - The Lost Diadem

Haha. A couple more people coming... Sorry can't help but laugh at that the second time around.

I am so incredibly proud of Neville. Aren't you? And my heart went soaring when everyone starts coming through the tunnel. The first part of the battle was exciting and heart warming. Everyone fighting together... it almost makes me feel strong. Even for just a moment. And I guess, in the end, that's what Harry Potter has been about for me. Maybe that's why it's taken over. Why so many people love it. Alongside of the great writing and wonderful characters was something else. Something that puts a bit of Gryffindor, a bit of Harry, into anyone who's willing to accept it. So that even a normally meek little Hufflepuff who dropped out of school because she gets sick around people can feel that courage, the protection, the love. Love that Jo Rowling has put in there for us and her world.

Chapter 30 - The Sacking of Severus Snape

One of my favorite lines," "Oh, look," whispered Luna happily, as the Ravenclaws crowded in around Alecto. "They're pleased!" "

The Crucio was rather surprising, but as Jo said, Harry isn't perfect. He does get angry. But he still goes out of the way to save people, even ones he does not like, for example, Draco. I think some people are overreacting to it. He does it once, in an intense moment... for McGonagall.
I can forgive him.

And suddenly, everyone is moving... working together to protect their home. Teachers and students alike. And Percy came back! That was great.

Chapter 31 - The
Battle of Hogwarts

For a small side story, I liked the Ravenclaw Diadem story quite a bit. (Probably because it included painful love...)

Ron speaking Parseltongue was... weird. But I guess it gave Ron a moment of glory. 

And after finally coming to love them together during this book, Ron and Hermione kiss. :) I can only imagine what people who have loved them together for years must have felt. HeH. 

"But Tonks had run off into the dust after Aberforth." :( Poor Tonks and Lupin.

I had to read the part about Fred a few times over before it really registered, I remember. So much was happening at once. So much hope in that first part of the battle. And then, suddenly, here was the turning point. Excitement turned into sickness... and sadness.

Chapter 32 - The Elder Wand

The second part of the battle now... with a sickening feeling in the stomach, we press on. Still at least, glimmers of hope in the air. Trelawney's crystal balls! 

But Severus... to the very end trying to get to Harry. To finish the mission Dumbledore had given him.

Chapter 33 - The Prince's Tale

I don't even know where to begin except... I adored this chapter. I had thought, yes, like many others that Severus Snape was still working for Dumbledore. Even that he might have had feelings for Lily. But this...

This made me love Severus Snape.

"After all this time?" 

"Always," said Snape.

And that's all I'll say, this chapter speaks for itself. And I can't help but be taken in by tears even my fourth time reading it.

Chapter 34 - The
Forest Again

I knew Harry would live, but this chapter was painful again anyway. Lovely pain. There they were Harry's loved ones... not as memories or visions in a mirror. They were really with him. Proud but hurting for him too. It's absolutely heartbreaking.

Chapter 35 - King's Cross

Dumbledore. Harry lives. Wonderful quotes.

That's all I can say.

Chapter 36 - The Flaw in the Plan

I loved that Harry called him Tom. That everything he said had confidence. I was surprised that he shouted for all to hear that Severus loved his mother. And I adored that after everything it came down to the same two spells... and Voldemort was defeated by Expelliamus. Perfect.

Epilogue - Nineteen Years Later

I'll start by saying to read this.

And now, I will say that I loved the epilogue. I loved the names, especially Albus Severus because it shows how much Harry has grown. That despite all the bad things Severus Snape did to him, Harry values the good he did more. That is so wonderful.

No, we didn't find out every little detail that we'd like to. But guess what? Jo Rowling has proven more than happy to answer questions. She's already given a chat. And we may eventually get an encyclopedia.

And if you truly hated the ending... guess what? There's still fanfiction. I plan to read and write it until the day I die.

But truly, I don't care what anyone else says, I loved the epilogue. And I'm tired of hearing only what epilogue haters have to say. They have a right to their opinions, of course... but I feel like I'm being smothered by the dislike... and I just don't understand. So, I'll put myself out there, I loved the epilogue. Tear me down for it if you want.


So, in closing, this is my favorite book. I loved it very much. But I'm scared now. I'm scared to read anything else, to go into another world. Scared that I'll come back to find it's all gone. As I said when I first finished... Harry Potter has been with me since 1999, and he has been my best friend through everything. And perhaps that sounds silly and pathetic, but I don't care. I mean every word. Harry not only inspired me to read, but also to write, now one of my most cherished dreams. And now it feels like I've lost my best friend. And while he survived, I'll only see him in memories. And that is a very painful thing.

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