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Rings and Sadder Things

Every week, it seems there's new wedding or engagement pictures on Facebook. It's like everyone is getting engaged or married. I try to be happy for everyone, I do. But how can I really be happy when I know that I'm no closer to finding my soulmate than I ever was? A guy out there wants to marry each of these girls. No one has ever really wanted to be with me at all.

My Mom tried to make me feel better by saying that a lot of them will end up getting divorced, but I think that's just mean. I honestly don't want to wish bad things on anyone, even some of these people who never cared about me in the slightest... if they weren't treating me badly, that is. But it does hit me hard that someone wants to spend their lives with those people, and no one wants me.

It's not like I just want someone to be in love with me, though. I don't want someone to love me, if they aren't the right person. But it is hard being the girl, who was never wanted. The girl, who matured so fast, yet never even got her first kiss or went on her first date. The girl no one would even consider asking out. And that still stands true after all these years.

Where's my engagement ring? Where's my prince charming? Could any prince actually love the unpretty girl? I try to believe in these things, but I've yet to see any proof.