Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

A Spritz of Creativity

The weekend is over, and I actually got some writing done! I'm well into a new chapter of Miss Masquerade, and I finished a chapter of Magic Inc. that I've been struggling with. And strangely, I still feel inspired and productive. The bad part is, I'm mostly feeling tempted to start on a new story or skip ahead in the stories I am working on - the second one being really bizarre for me. I think that, other than Miss Masquerade, I'm not at particularly emotional parts in the stories I'm writing. That what I feel like writing, though. Or something clever like the final twist. But hey, I wrote this week, so I'm pleased.

I also received my order of decants from The Posh Peasant. I haven't talked about it much (or maybe at all) here, but over the last year, my Aunt has gotten me way into perfume. I mostly have Avon perfumes and body sprays from Bath & Body Works. I haven't really gotten into the more expensive perfumes, because even though I have some money to spend now, it feels like way too much to pay $50-$60 or more for one bottle. I feel like buying a new game or anime series is more worth my money due to the creative energy it can build in me.

But I've got to admit, I am starting to find perfume inspiring. Something about a beautiful scent wrapping you up while you are writing can feel like it is adding to the creativity. Even ironically, when what you are writing is Miss Masquerade. Hehe. I'm probably giving Sapphira a headache. Poor Dear.

Anyways, instead of buying one big bottle for $50, I'm getting to try 7 beautiful scents recommended to me by my Aunt and members of Fragrantica. Somehow, that seems more worth it, at the moment. I am kind of hoping I'll find one or two of these more expensive scents that I can't live without, though I'll probably have to make myself set aside $20 a week or something to make me feel like I'm not wasting money. Not that it is a waste, exactly, but when you're used to not spending more than $10-$20 on perfume, it's hard to get used to paying more.

Speaking of being not used to paying more, I feel the same way about jewelry. But half as a Valentine's gift to myself and half as a "work expense", I bought this pendant while it was on sale. I saw it a year or two ago, but was put off by the price and some of the reviews. Still, the necklace gave me a story idea, and it became a central part of Magic Inc., so I thought about it a lot. Then, I saw it when checking out the Valentine's Day jewelry sale. I couldn't pass it up again now that I have the money. And I'm happy to report that the necklace is beautiful and exactly as I imagined. I'm not sure what is going on with the reviews.

I'm still feeling the Valentine Blues, probably partially because I'm catching up on the emails I ignored while it was actually going on. Maybe that wasn't the best idea, after all. Just makes it feel like it lasts longer. At least, I'm dogsitting for a couple of days. When I get overwhelmed with sadness, I just stop what I'm doing and just pet Mandy for 5 minutes. It helps, but I can't help thinking how much I want Morgan to be here with me. Where could I possibly find him?
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