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Walking Reflection

Finally, there's something I can actually do. I can take myself for a walk. Well, maybe not outside by myself. But I can walk circles around my basement. That counts, right?

The nice thing about this chapter of Add More ~ing is also that I totally get it. It's talking about why certain people bug you. A lot of the times, what bothers you about someone is something you also see within yourself. No big surprise there. The person that drives me nuts most of the time is my Stepfather. He's super OCD - like one speck of dirt drives him crazy OCD. And as I've admitted in my recent post, I'm totally OCD, too.

But I admit it. I even embrace it most of the time. And for the most part, it stays internal and doesn't bother other people. My Stepfather won't admit to his OCD. He laughs and calls us crazy when my Mom and I talk about it. The only reason I really tease him about it is because of how in denial he is about it. And the fact that his OCD gets in everybody's way. Constantly. And it drives me nuts. Meanwhile, I do try to stay away from doing things that bothering him, because I understand what it is like. I don't get the same respect and understand of my issues.

I guess there are other people and issues I could explore with this, but I'm tired.