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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Overview Part 1

Chapter 1 - The Dark Lord Ascending

The strangest thing about the Malfoy Manor, I'd never guessed we'd go there... but I'd wanted to. Draco has been one of my favorite characters for some time now. Say what you will about that, but he didn't turn out pure evil, did he? Either way, I like how it's mentioned that he's nervously memorized by the body. We know that up until OotP, at least, he'd not seen a death because he could not see the thestrals. It's possible this was his first time seeing death.

And did anyone else love the idea of the white peacocks?

I find it very arrogant of Voldemort to state it was due more to his mistakes than Harry's triumphs that Harry still lives. Yes, he was admitting that he makes mistakes; however, it shows that he thinks that whatever he does controls everything. Harry has only gotten away so far because of Voldemort. Very arrogant, don't you agree?

There were gasps in the car while I was reading aloud and came across the news about Tonks and Lupin. Remus is another of my favorites. I'd long thought, though, that he would die at the hand, literally, of Wormtail. Of course, this was debunked on Jo's website, and since then, I didn't fear for his life as much. But after this, I began to worry again. And for poor Tonks as well.

Chapter 2 - In Memoriam

Harry wishing he had asked Dumbledore about his past was very sad. And Dumbledore's story grows ever more sad as we go along. But I wonder if Dumbledore really would have told Harry anything. He could have mentioned, even just a little, about his family when with Harry at the Mirror of Erised, but he didn't. It might have helped Harry to know he wasn't the only one wishing for these things.

Chapter 3 - The Dursleys Departing

My expectations about the Dursleys were basically turned upside down. Instead of reading Dumbledore's letters and recieving secrets from Petunia, we got Dudley being kind and next to nothing from the others. I must say I was surprised. We didn't find out about Dudley's memories from the dementor either. But he brought Harry tea, which was very sweet.

Chapter 4 - The Seven Potters

This chapter starts almost with a false sense of security. Yes, we're made aware of the danger, especially because of chapter 1. However, the beginning is full of joking and happy reunions. Who would have guessed the next pages would hold intense worries and two deaths. I think chapters 4 and 5 really shatter a lot of boundaries. Hedwig dying was a stunning stab, especially to me, having lost my pet this year.

Chapter 5 - Fallen Warrior

There were a few shocking and gruesome images in the book. Death is one thing, but George's missing ear... I get very sick about cutting off body parts. Of course it's justified, but I keep thinking that this started as a children's book series. It's certainly more Young Adult after book 4, I think. And most definitely this one is. Not to say children couldn't handle it. I believe some children probably handled it better than I did. Honestly, body parts coming off... disgusting. Poor George. He lost so much in this book... 

Chapter 6 - The Ghoul in Pajamas

I felt really terrible for Hermione. Making her parents forget her to keep them safe. It was a really brave and selfless thing to do. There is some humor too, as Ron voices what many speculating fans have thought while theorizing, "Oh well, lucky we've got such a large supply of basilisk fangs, then."

Chapter 7 - The Will of Albus Dumbledore

Poor Ginny. Part of me wondered if they really would take her with them in the end. But with the Trace still on, she'd been of little help, I suppose. Mostly this chapter just sets a lot up for the rest of the book with the items Dumbledore left the trio. It seems strange that about 10 days ago, we didn't really know what these things' importance was. I feel like a year has gone by since waiting in Borders for my copy. And, indeed, it was... in Harry's lifetime. 20, if you want to get technical.

Chapter 8 - The Wedding

My prediction about Luna coming to the wedding was correct! I was so happy. ^_^ Luna may be my favorite character. Krum played a part that I had not foreseen, however. Never would have thought he'd be at the wedding. I was thinking they'd go to him for horcrux help, but with the books Hermione found, I suppose that wasn't needed. A bit disappointing to me. Either way, I totally caught the hint about Hermione's bag. Of course, the things about Dumbledore, and I should start saying Albus Dumbledore at this point, were shocking. I didn't believe it to be completely true, though. I think I was more trusting at this point than Harry, But I can understand his feelings very well.
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