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Project Completed

Wow, things have gotten crazy lately. November is over and December has been dizzying to say the least. But let's start off by saying that I actually wrote every single day in November. I know. I can't believe it either. The last week or so, I had totally lost my drive, but I made it through, somehow. I do not expect that I'll be doing that again. I completed my challenge, and I'm done with it. But I guess, maybe in a year from now, I could feel differently.

The strange thing was that after the pressure was removed, I only skipped one day. I wrote both yesterday and the day before. And I felt pretty good about it. It also helped that I saw Jill on Thursday and she got me excited about what's coming in Dreaming in Shadow. I was thinking I'd need a full week as a break, but I guess not. It would be cool, I guess, if the little project I did had a lasting effect on how often I write. But I'm not sure we can say that just yet.

For December, I've come into a bit of money, so I kind of went crazy with it. I checked out this health food store that my friend, Tiffany, told me about last week. It was totally awesome. I had to remind myself that it wasn't that far away, so I didn't need to buy everything in sight. I did buy some vegan Jello stuff, which I am super excited about. I can't remember the last time I had Jello.... I doubt it was a full 9 years ago, but I think I found out about Jello having animal in it pretty early in my vegetarian life. I just didn't realize all the things that had gelatin in it for many years. :/ Anyhow, it was a great little place. I'll definitely be going again soon.

I also took a bit more of a trip to our closest Barnes and Noble. I don't think I've ever been to one, and I was so amazed by how big it was. I was freaking out like I was someone, who lived in the middle of nowhere. Maybe some would consider that true... Either way, I bought a few books just by looking around, which I thought I'd lost forever when Borders closed. The books that caught my eye seemed to have a mermaid/ocean theme. I wonder if that's the next big thing. I'm on board; let me pull out my Water story...

I also bought some of the great jewelry I found on Etsy. So exciting! I found some perfect character pieces. I'll post them, if anyone wants to see. I have other jewelry already that I should probably take pictures of, too. Hm.

Speaking of things I want to post, I was thinking about having a post that listed the stories I'm currently working on with a little description for them. It's something I should probably have eventually, though I'm not sure anyone would care right now. I deleted my big list of all my stories, because I was the only one looking at it, and it didn't actually explain anything helpful for other people.

As a side note, what's going on with the entry posting page? Most things aren't working. :/