Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

One of Those Stories

I am way too invested in this book. It's one of the two books I bought from the author I met last month. And I'm in love. I knew from the description that I would probably enjoy it, and maybe I should have expected it, but it's one of those books. Or stories, I should say. What does that mean, you wonder? Well, every once in a while, as much as I try to keep it from happening, end up finding a story where I feel too deeply alike in some way to the main heroine, and more importantly, there is a male character that fills the role of Morgan. It's a dangerous, dangerous situation for me, because it can rip my heart apart if they don't end up together. I'm talking about going into mourning, feeling like Morgan might not even exist. I am fragile and sensitive. And something I feel so invested in can really hurt me.

In other words: dangerous.

But unlike alot of other stories, the third member of the love triangle is not a total jerk. He's not a Takumi. Not a... Seth. He's a really nice guy. And I worry about him. He really needs Susie. :/ It's tough when you care so much about everyone. But of course, it makes for a better story. My hope is that somewhere in this series Duncan will find his own soulmate like Jacob in Breaking Dawn. Or maybe Evan will... And that's what scares me.

Valerie and Morgan must end up together! But of course, they aren't me and Morgan. They never will be. No one will be but us. But every once in a while, this happens, and it kills me. And no matter how I try to stop myself, it will happen again. There will be another Nobu and Hachi. K.C. and Clare. Evan and Susie. And they will always let me down...

...but don't let this end there! This is an amazing book by a self-published author. I really love it so far, and no matter what happens, I'm glad to have found it. You could definitely say I need the distraction of something that pulls me in so deeply right now. It's going to be a hard couple of weeks. I'm barely writing and feeling miserable about it. But the stress is just overpowering, and I've just gotten over my cold. *Sighs*
Tags: books, fandom, morgan

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