Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

Length and Concept Art

Last weekend, I went to another Fall event. It was lovely. Small and enjoyable. I went mostly to see the author I mentioned in my post. She told me again to stay in touch, but I don't want to bother her with questions when I'm nowhere near publishing. But that's the weird thing. When I think about where I am in Dreaming in Shadow, the end doesn't seem so far away. I've come a long way since earlier this year, but I'm not so nervous about that. Well, not as nervous as I was. I think meeting someone who has finished books in front of her made me want to get there, too. I want to be a these lovely Fall events with books to sell. And L.K. said there's always room in her tent.

So, do I really want to be finished with Dreaming in Shadow? Yes, and no. I've been thinking about length lately. Comparing my two major stories of right now: Dreaming in Shadow and Miss Masquerade. Dreaming in Shadow is at 148 pages, and Miss Masquerade is at 140. But there are so many events coming for Miss Masquerade. It's probably only half done. Dreaming in Shadow... I'm starting to worry it is going to be too short. Part of the issue is that there's a stretch of time coming eventually, and I'm not sure how much of it I'll write. How much is worth writing.

I don't want Dreaming in Shadow to be short, but I also don't want it pointlessly lengthened. So, that's where I am with writing now. I'm only worrying about the end approaching too soon for that reason. Though, if I'm going to lengthen it, that will happen when I go to the typing phase, most likely. I just hope it doesn't turn out really, really short when I'm done. I don't know how written to typed translates.

Meanwhile, I've been continuing to make characters on Sims 2. I even got into pose boxes - which I never thought I'd try - because I was tired of the same 7 or so poses that the game provides. I was totally lost with them, at first. But I made a post asking for help. It still takes some experimenting, but the results can be so cool. Just to give a taste of what I've been doing...

Jodi of Dreaming in Shadow on her balcony.
Tags: dreaming in shadow, fandom, the sims, video games, writing

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