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The Great Flower War

My Aunt Jan loves gardening. Through her, I've come to enjoy it as well, though I still really don't know what I'm doing without her. Back in the first two years after my Mom and Joe married, my Mom planted tulips at this house. Once, she bribed me into helping her by offering to take me the get the third Harry Potter book, which had just come out recently. That was probably the last time there were flowers at our house. That's right, 1999. Sure, there were two weak looking rose bushes, but that was practically all.

And the reason there weren't tulips is because my Mom's back is really in bad shape. It has been all of these years. So, now that Jan is home for good, I figured that everyone would enjoy having flowers again. Or my Mom and I, I should say. I convinced her that Jan and I would be happy to plant flowers at our house. And we were... until Joe got involved.

Joe is super OCD. He won't admit to it; he thinks everything he does is simply "the right thing" to do and that everyone should be like him. (Excuse me while I retch.) Of course, he was going to be bothered by a change. Even a good one. And it's not like we were doing anything crazy. We are just planting along the house. In spots where flowers used to be. That's it.

So, my Mom was dragging her feet about telling him what was going to happen, and when she finally did tell him, she messed up some of the details. He fumed for a while, then, adjusted to it. But when we starting digging in spots where my Mom forgot to tell him about, he blew up again.

And just as Joe is so good at doing, he sucked the enjoyment out of planting. I don't care if he hates me. I honestly don't. I couldn't care less what he thinks of me. I can't stand him. Occasionally, he'll do something nice, but before I even have time to appreciate it, he'll turn around and do something stupid or rude. He hates pets and even takes a stand against flowers. It's so hard to live in a house that doesn't even feel alive. It's so detrimental to my writing... or even, living. I wish I didn't have to live with him... but I'm totally stuck. So, time and time again, I just have to deal with his crap. Ugh.