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How two Joes ruined my week...

It was another tough week.  I've had worse weeks, but this was a very bad one. My Dad finally arrived to pick up his stuff left at Grandma's house, and he brought a friend with him, Joe. This friend was a jerk. In the truck, after meeting me a block or so previous, he reached over my Dad to put his wrist on my leg and said, "Nice tan." An insult joke, of course, since I'm about as pale as possible. But he touched me. And guess what? Did my Dad get upset or say anything to protect his daughter? Nope. He laughed. Apparently, it was a great joke!

After a couple more blocks, my dad asked how I've been doing. "Okay..." I answered. "Okay? Sort of okay?" My Dad replies. And his friend says, "You're young; you'll get over it." Yeah, my Grandma just died, but apparently, I'll get over it. Thanks, Dude!

This guy proceeded to insult my Grandma's house, dig around in her drawers (and medicine cabinet...) to see what was left, and throw a dime at me. Plus, he drove recklessly through stop signs, while he and my Dad laughed about it. I had to keep praying I wasn't going to die this way. I deserve better.

At least now that's over.

But on top of that, my Joe's been extra touchy lately. Like I don't have enough upset feelings right now. Like I need him to shout and bang stuff around because I want to watch TV with my Mom for a couple of hours at night after he's had 7. Or that I didn't wipe the dog I'm watching's paws, when I did. Stupid little stuff. It makes me wish I wasn't so messed up, and therefore, stuck here. But what can I do; this is my life, so I have to put up with his crap. That's just how it is.

It's not a very good environment for writing though, I'll tell you that. I did manage to write about 9 pages last week, while he was also out of the house most of that time.

And I did have a couple of good points over the week. <3 One where fluffyfledgling sent me some old drawings she'd made for me, and the other, last night with Sierra. It was so good to get out of the house and away from Joe. Wish it could happen more often.