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Facebook and Info Update

So, ever since my Step Brother, Cray, told me about Facebook, I've wanted to join it... just because. Because I have to be everywhere on the internet? To increase my chances of meeting Morgan? Who knows. Anyways... it wouldn't let me get one because I was underage and didn't have a school... evil. But I'm 18, and so... I have one now. But I knew my profile template needing updating badly, so I took the time and effort to do that. So you can read that now too.

And yeah, that's it. So, add me there if you want. HeH. And there's new pictures on there, as well.

PS: I want a NANA layout. ~_~;

PS (Again): Updated "Find Me"...

PS (ONE MORE TIME): My birthday was yesterday, and I've had my birthday on "do not display". Which was silly of me. Sorry, Audry. But seriously, I'm just glad it's over.
Tags: family, fandom, manga, morgan, nana, school, tech

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