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Six Years and Eighty Years

Six years and one month ago, I wrote and posted chapter 11 of Hate You, Hate Me. I wrote it while I was in pain over a fight I had. A fight with Christen. :/ Even though I rewrote chapter 11 last month, when I still just thought Christen was busy with school, the similarity in which this chapter has been posted is eerie to me. But hey, here it is. Maybe I can finally move past my bottle of perfume now. Probably not. I just hope things can still turn around somehow.

Grandma is still in the hospital. She is eating normal food now, even though she's still sick. Things are very... tense right now. The whole family knows it's time to get Grandma out of her old, two-story house. But she's lived there almost her entire life. She grew up there. She raised her children there. She helped raise a grandchild (me) there. I know she would have been happy to die there. But none of us are ready for that to happen, so we need to get her out.

I actually still love that house, too. I'm sad about all this. My childhood memories are there. But as much as I love the house, I love my Grandma more. I just hope that this ordeal won't be too hard on her. That house has been her world for more than 80 years.

Jan has some ambitious ideas about how to use Grandma's house when she's moved out. She's been wanting to start a community flower garden in the empty lot next door for awhile now. And now, she's wondering if she can do something flower related with the old store. I think they are wonderful ideas. But before that has a chance to happen, we have a lot of work to do. *Sighs*