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Things I'd Like to Find

Here's a list of music and videos I'd really like to find. As far as I know, there's no legitimate way to find these things. If I'm wrong, I'm 100% fine with a link to a place where I can purchase CDs or DVDs (at a decent price) or whatever. Keep in mind; however, that I can not currently use Pay Pal.

Adaline - Whiter/Straighter
Broken Bells - Jigsaw
Dead Letter Chorus - Run, Wild
Phil Benson - Everybody
Kate Todd - Drive
Liz Coyles - Butterflies
Sweetersongs - We're Right There
Come Gather Round Us - Home
Geoffrey Whitt - It Hasn't Always Been This Way
Rachael Cantu - Counting on You
Gentlemen Husbands - Family Economics
Laurell - Go Disco
Katie Cole - Matter of Time
Louis Yoelin - Today is Open
Lindsay Price - Blossoming
Lindsay Price - Mercy
Lindsay Price - Second Chance
Fabienne Holloway - I've Learned
School Food Punishment - Light Prayer
School Food Punishment - Future Nova
School Food Punishment - After Laughter
Garbage - Sleep
Chester See - That Girl

Lost and Delirious

Bug Juice - Season 3
Dancing with the Stars - Seasons 3-5 & 7