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Fidelity and Persona 4

Writing went better this week. Thank goodness. I wrote 5 pages on Wednesday, and yesterday, I wrote a little over a page while I was having lunch with my Mom. I'm still in some sort of funk, though. I don't want to go to bed, and I don't want to get up in the morning. I hate this sort of feeling. It's hard to believe that I ever felt better about both things. *Sighs* At least, I'm writing a little bit, right?

I'm been playing a lot of Suikoden. It has twice now made me get a little teary over character deaths. I wasn't expecting that to be such a big part of the game. I guess it's a good reflection of real war. I'm enjoying the game a lot, though I reached some frustration recently with a one-on-one battle. They are so dependent on chance, it seems. I didn't mean to lose you, Pahn. :/ But I had no idea what I was doing.

Today, I had a bit of self-discovery in Persona 4. While I was watching the Endurance Run, I sort of got used to the way they were playing the game. When I starting to play the game for myself, I did make some different choices, but I stuck with the Charlie/Chie pairing. But today, I was social linking with Ayane (who they didn't meet, as they chose Drama over Band), and I realized I liked her best. I mean, I've been playing Charlie like me - or Morgan, if you'd rather - and honestly, Chie loves steak too much to be my girlfriend. I mean, I love her to death, but... not that way. And Ayane said, "There really is such a thing as true love..." the time I saw her after admitting our feelings. Aww. <3

Still, with the way I got really attached to Charlie/Chie while watching the Endurance Run, I'm surprised that I changed my opinion. I bet Protagonist/Ayane is the least popular pairing. Haha. Concerning other Persona 4 pairings, I think I kind of like Chie/Yukiko now, also. However, Kanji/Naoto, is still my first favorite, easily. I totally had a crush on Naoto when I thought she was a boy... okay, it was pretty obvious, but still. I wouldn't dare take her from Kanji in the game, though. :P I also like Teddy/Rise because they fit together perfectly in my mind; they often have similar reactions to things. And I can't seem to think of Yosuke with anyone other than Saki. He just seemed to care so much about her. That's pretty tragic, huh? *Sighs*

I'm so tempted to write a Persona 4 fic now. Ehehe. No one would read it, but... I sort of came up with the idea as I played. Charlie is dating Chie, but realizes he likes Ayane. Meanwhile, Chie struggles with feelings for Yukiko. I totally want to write that! Especially because I feel guilty for choosing to be with Ayane after already choosing Chie. I am not a cheater! :/ Why isn't there an option to have a long talk with Chie to break things off first? I know, I know. No one cares about these things except me.

You know, that reminds me of the trouble I was having with the Sparks family on The Sims 2 this week! Arinasa has three bolts for two different guys. She's already dating one of them, but she rolls wants for the other guy, and she is a Pleasure-Romance sim - the worst! I don't know what to do. :/ Normally, I let a sim do what their wants decide even if it is against what I want for them, but I have the future of the legacy to think about this time. The other guy is a Capp (so not an NPC), but I'm caring less and less about rules after being away from the challenge for so long. I just want to document a 10 Generation family, at this point.

I'm definitely going to need some input about what I should do about Arinasa's love troubles. Hopefully, the update will be up soon. I'm having the next chapter of The Only One looked over, so that could be up even sooner. And finally, I am going to try to rewrite the final currently posted chapter of Hate You, Hate Me by the end of the month. Wow, that's a lot of stuff. We'll see what happens!
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