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Obsessions: New and Revisited

The past few days, I've been getting myself obsessed with the strange upcoming game from the Persona Team, Catherine. It’s about a man who starts having nightmares about running up a tower while monsters chase him. On the other side, he is a “normal” guy, who is dealing with his relationships. It seems like there’s a lot of symbolism between his dreams and what happens in his waking life.

The guys at Giant Bomb did a Quick Look, which I've watched maybe 5 times. ^_^; When I get obsessive... But anyways, they didn't understand any of the Japanese, though so, I found someone, who did! Actually, before that, I looked at some other trailers and speculation. I mostly was excited by Vincent's cameo in P3P.

There are a few potential problems for me. There seems to be a distinct sexual side to the story… not sure how I feel about that part yet. I’m wondering how intense that will be in the game. Then, it might be a bit violent, too. It seems like it might be a game that reaches my limits in both aspects, but hopefully it doesn't exceed them.

Meanwhile, there's a another problem in what the gameplay actually is: frantically moving blocks around to get up the tower before the monster gets you. I am not good at puzzle games. :/ This makes me really hope that Giant Bomb will consider an Endurance Run for the game. Please, please, please. The only fandom-type thing I want more than this right now is more NANA (either manga or anime). I think it would be a great mix between the Persona-style ER and the quirky "horror" of the Deadly Premonition ER.

Today, I also decided to rewatch Eden of the East. I wanted to watch the movies, but I felt like it had been awhile since I'd watched the series. The way too short 11 episodes series is pretty manageable for a quick rewatch. I'll watch the first movie tomorrow, probably. I'm really excited. I really love Eden of the East. Funny how I ended up watching it because of  one of the very things that would normally scare me off. And I was watching it the first time while I was watching the Endurance Run, and now I'm rewatching that as well. Crazy!


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Feb. 3rd, 2011 04:43 am (UTC)
Dude, I just discovered Catherine. I'm a huge Persona fan so this is fabulous!
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