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I'm still in a gaming mood. After reading a friend's blog post, I decided to download Secret of Mana. She barely mentions it, but I'd been meaning to give that series a shot, and she mentioned it as a classic. I also played about 4-5 hours of Persona 4 yesterday. Partly because I needed a really strong distraction. Today, the distraction is NANA. Still slowly working through the English dub, which is pretty good. (I love Hachi's English voice actress! <3) But it's not what I'm used to with a show I've watched through so many times in Japanese. (Pixel probably wouldn't like being mentioned in the same paragraph as NANA. Oops! :P)

I'm taking a little break from Oblivion, but last time I played, I spent most of my time trying to save people. I couldn't let Baurus die! It only took a couple of tries, but I hadn't thought to save right before the incident, so I had to start through the sewers again the first time. Then, after I saved him, I accidentally came out in someone's basement and was stuck. ^_^; So, I had to do it again. My heart felt good, though. I kind of like being able to make a difference.

However, my next job as a heroine was much, much harder. Saving Jeelius from the Mythic Dawn was a headache. He was running around like crazy. I could hardly keep up with him most of the time. I'd turn a corner, and there he'd be... dead. *Sighs* But he was traumatized... it made sense. And I just couldn't let him die. So, I probably spent the better part of an hour trying to get him to safety. I'd gotten to the point where I was saving once we got through each wave. Then, I just took as much of the attention as I could. And I, again, felt quite good at the end.

But it got me thinking about one of the games I got recently, Heavy Rain. I know the whole story is based around your choices, and one person can have a very different experience than another. Also, I know it's possible that your main characters can even die, probably radically changing the outcome of the story. But am I going to be able to let that happen? And if I can't... isn't going back to redo parts almost defeating the point of a game like that? I don't know what I'm going to do. I guess I'll have to think about it carefully before I start the game.


You know, I think I have a saving people thing... Even now, even still. I haven't changed that much my whole life. I mean it's not a bad thing to want to save people (or characters...), but it was a huge problem for me when I was younger. It's why I fell in love with someone like Seth. I wanted to save him. And even now, I can even fall back into that through a dream. Of course, it would happen to someone like me.

I often have dreams about Seth where we're friends. Or... something. It's rarely romantic in the slightest, but it's more than something casual. Thursday night, I had a dream where I knelt next to his desk and started crying. He thought it was weird at first, but then it seemed like he felt sorry for me and tried to make me laugh. I felt awful all the next day. That was only one part of a string of very strong dreams I had that night. I also found a friend's soulmate and introduced them, and I had a screaming fight with my Aunt Jan.

But it was Seth that I thought about all day. I thought about weird things like when my old psychiatrist came to career day at St. Joe's and while I went up to talk to him, Seth came over, too. I can still feel my surprise that hey knew each other. And at the time I thought... I don't know, that it was a sign or something that we had seen the same person for help, even if it wasn't at the same point in our lives. But now, I still think maybe I understood him in ways most of his friends couldn't. Ways he wouldn't realize. And then, I just worry about him still. I think that's why I was crying in the dream. Because I'm worried... and even more than that, I still feel guilty for not forgiving him when I had the chance. And in the end, I still want to save him.

*Sighs* I've lost so much time this week. I've been trying so hard to make up for the time I lost sitting in a waiting room for an hour on Tuesday, then today I slept in way too long. :/ Maybe I tired myself out from all the effort of getting things back on track. Maybe I wanted to dream about Seth again. Dreams are just so strong for me, and it's the only way I can feel close to most of the people I care about.


ETA: I don't want to leave on such a low note, so here's a picture of me in my Whiskey Media shirt I received today! <3 I still hate that Ryan is throwing up (gross!), but hey, that's what I'd be doing on a real rollercoaster. And the shirt is really nice, otherwise; the material is super soft. ^_^


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Jan. 16th, 2011 03:18 am (UTC)
I'm not sure if it posted my first comment since I hadn't registered my Twitter account yet, soo test message, whee~

And now it wants me to confirm I'm human? o.o
Jan. 16th, 2011 03:23 am (UTC)
Boo, I guess it didn't post my first comment after all :(

Let's try this again! I am outraged that you mention me not only in the same post as Nana, but in the same paragraph, no less! :P

I really should come and read this more, I didn't even know about the post till Jlrm mentioned it (he's a stalker, you know. Be careful! ;P). Tell me when you update this over at GB!

As for Secret of Mana, it's certainly a game I consider a classic. The theme song is one of the most recognizable and hauntingly beautiful songs in gaming to this day. I can't promise the game has aged perfectly well but I can't imagine it aged terrible. The combat was fairly easy to pick up on, the story was enjoyable, and the graphics were some of the best on the SNES (and pixel art generally ages really well). I imagine the dialog isn't great compared to today's standards, but worked for the SNES era.

Hopefully you enjoy it ^^
Jan. 16th, 2011 03:36 am (UTC)
Re: Rawr
I know! I'm so inconsiderate! :P

I did post a link in my status. I've been doing that when I update with gaming related stuffs. But hmm, do you use Twitter a lot? I think I can set mine up to tweet when I post. I'll think about it.

I agree about pixel art aging well. I've seen screenshots of PSOne games that look awful. It was hard for me to play FF7 after the fact because of the graphics. I did enjoy the story, but it was tough to play.

I'm liking the game so far, but I am finding myself needing to level a lot, because I keep dying and having to go back to an inn. But then, I'm not exactly skilled. ^_^;
Jan. 16th, 2011 03:24 am (UTC)
Oh and come pop in the chatroom more~
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