Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

Into the... Oblivion?

Last post, I was nearly positive that Oblivion was getting traded in. Luckily, I made it out of the small area to the underground passage to the gatehouse. (I was looking for a house, okay?) However, I encountered more problems on my way to Bruma's temple. Any time I was caught on the main road by a guard, they tried to arrest me. o.o; After talking with Symphony (or PixelPrinny) and thinking about it for awhile, I decided it's because I either accidentally killed someone who ran in front of me, or because I "broke into" someone's house, then left right away.

Anyways, avoiding the guards made the trip difficult. I tried navigating parallel to the road, but lost my fellow travelers in the process. Twice. Then, when I tried to move even more slowly and protect them from wolves, they got in front of me and were hit. Suddenly, I was being attacked. Eek! It was an accident, Martin, I swear. (I actually secretly am wishing there's a chance that my character will make him fall for her because that would be cute.  And I'll get to be an emperess... ) This also happened twice. And did I mention that when I made it up the mountain by myself a couple of times before realizing they were gone, I turned around just to fall off the mountain and die? Yeah, I know. I have no skills or something.

Finally, I just decided to go to jail and serve my time. It actually got me closer to the temple than I had ever gotten (with my team, at least). And speaking of people just appearing and mysterious accusations, I am now remembering that when I left the house that I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to go into, the horse I had borrowed from someone in Weynon Priory had just disappeared. I looked around for some time, all distressed thinking, "I have to return the horse, that someone had been so nice to loan me!". I only gave up when I remembered a very old HotSpot where Brad was complaining about how the horses don't build your Athletics trait or something. And besides, as much as I love horses, riding on one in first-person was making me way motion sick.

I've been trying to think of what Oblivion reminds me of, and I came up with a cross between World of Warcraft and Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. If you haven't played Titanic, it has to do with the way you're looking straight at people and picking dialogue choices. I imagine other first-person adventure games would be similar.

So, basically, seeing as I spent all this time complaining talking about the game, it must be keeping my interest enough to continue. I'll probably play some more after I dry my hair. (What am I doing writing an entry with my hair wet, anyways?) I'm forseeing a similiar run with this game as I had with WoW. The gameplay (though strange at times) is keeping me into it, but most of the story stuff is just passing over me. I don't think I get into this High Fantasy... if that's what you'd call it. This detailed stuff with all different races and wars and all that. It's just too much information for me to process or something. Too much far-off detailing loses me. Like with Spindle's End. If the detailing doesn't feel personal, I get bored. And I don't get bored often. But anyways, I like the main story and gameplay well enough for now. We'll see how it lasts! maybe I'll be thanking Brian for his recommendation after all; maybe I'll get Dragon Age, too.

Tags: elder scrolls, fandom, video games

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