Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

(I'm a) Mario Fan

Colette is the closest thing I have to a Nintendo icon right now. And why do I need a Nintendo icon? Hehe. I got my Mario fan in the mail today! It's a Club Nintendo Reward, and I just had to have it!

And here's my new turtle (koopa!) necklace I got on Saturday:

There are 4 other stones, but I like the green for now.

Also, I'm giving Oblivion a try. I'm having very mixed feelings. Basically, I only find first person games tolerable if they are on the PC. Riding on the horse was making me super ill. And I'm even more lost than usual in games, which is really saying something. Does anyone know where I'm supposed to go to get the gate open? The dude, who's supposed to help me, dies everytime, and I can't even find his body to get the key, let alone find the place I need to get into. And then, there was the way too creepy-gross Oblivion place. I'm not sure how I got through that. :/

But there is something compelling enough to make me want to continue... somewhat. I like the way people move around and talk. It's a different sort of game for me. But it might be a little too different. :/ I'll give it another chance tomorrow, but that will probably be it. If I can't figure out where to go or get too sick, that will be the end. Back to JRPGs for me!
Tags: elder scrolls, fandom, nintendo, video games

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