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Turnabout is Fair Play?

The last few days have been... surprisingly good. I never thought things would turn around so quickly. The 31st of December was horrible, but the 1st of January was great. I watched Despicable Me (which was super adorable), started the White Album anime (which I'd read is a lot like NANA), and I even wrote a bit. The 2nd was good; I backed up my files and watched some more anime. And the 3rd... well, I went out to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 with Sierra again! That's number 6. One more, and I'll be satisfied. Anyways, Sierra and I had dinner, too. We always have such a nice time together. We talked about having summertime readings again, and we talked about the books I've been reading lately.

I finished Just Listen yesterday. It pretty much went exactly as I was forseeing. Definitely a very good book, but I'm still so into The Truth About Forever that I was sort of missing those characters part of the time. There was a happy cameo, which I adored. I love when those things happen. It's how I write my stories, after all. Connections are fabulous. ^_^ And Sarah Dessen's characters are fabulous, too. I'm so excited to read more of her books, though I think I should give some other books a chance first.

I guess I've been really into reading lately. I was sort of slowed down by Spindle's End. :/ But before that, I was reading Memoirs of a Geisha, which was pretty great. And depending on if you count manga as reading, I discovered Mars recently, too.
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