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I got a new iPod Nano! It's so teeny and awesome! It took me awhile to talk myself into it, because I don't go out much and am usually attached to my computer and Windows Media Player, but it really was a great idea. It's really a Christmas present from my Mom and Joe. But I always mangage to get my Christmas presents early - doesn't that sound Slytherin-y of me? - this time, because I gave my Mom my old iPod.

Anyways, things I love about my iPod: The little screen not only shows the album art I meticulously put into my songs but also the lyrics! My old shuffle didn't even have a screen. And oh, I did love it for what it was worth. But not having a screen was really a bummer. Now, if I'm out and need a certain song to write, I can actually find it. Okay, so that doesn't happen a lot, especially in Winter, but I'll probably get a good 5 or so years out of it like I did with my shuffle. Maybe even longer because I've barely gotten 3 Gigs on it so far. I have way more music, but I need to sort it all first. :/ I'm really OCD about this stuff.

While I was trying out my iPod, I also read two chapters of an awesome Harry Potter fanfiction. It's a story that has inspired a possible fanfic of my own just from listening to an old discussion about it. (I'm reminded of how Mallory talking about The Mediator books lead me to my side of Spun of Silver!) The fanfic was actually removed from sites due to the author becoming published and signing a contract or some such. But I managed to find it it, and I think I made a new LJ friend in the process. YaY!

The fic follows Draco if he had been placed in Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin. Apparently, it's going to be Draco/Harry, eventually... which certainly isn't my cup of tea, but the discussion on SpellCast just kept making me think about it over time. I finally decided to give it a try. So far, it's well written enough to make me think I'll be able to get through it, though I'm not big on slash. If I continue to enjoy the fic, I think I'll look into the author's published work.

I'm looking forward to seeing Deathly Hallows Part 1 a 4th time with my Dad and MaryAnn somtime this week. I haven't seen them in nearly 6 months. :/ I hope they actually show up. *Sighs* I have at least heard from my Dad a few times this week. That's a good sign. He's been taking care of Mike's daughter, Brooklyn. <3 I really, really want to meet her, but that's a long ride for me. Maybe some time next Summer, if it doesn't turn out as horrible as the last two. *Awkward laugh*
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