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Another End Aproaches

It's been a pretty good week. Feels like I'm getting into the swing of things with my new even more vegetarian diet. I still haven't gotten too many ideas on what to eat out, but I'm not worrying too much about that right now.

I've spent a lot of time gaming this week. I made a new family with characters of mine in The Sims 3 to mess around with the celebrity options in Late Night. They've been really fun. It's given me some new ideas for stories, too. That's why I love The Sims! There's always a chance of getting inspired. I played a little Sims 2 today, also. I'm working on my legacy from two years ago, believe it or not! They just keep running into bad luck, though. I had to cheat a little again. :/ I'm not scoring or anything, so I don't feel too guilty making my family happy. I swear they are cursed. They just can't seem get through without some major help.

I've also been working on Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. I think the new characters and settings are a nice breath of fresh air. I'm not exactly in far enough to comment much on the story... plus, I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of it by choosing Aqua first. Oh, well. I think she's awesome, anyways.

And yep, more games. I've been playing some Lego Harry Potter which is super fun! And I even started playing a bit of Final Fantasy V. Yes, five. It's actually pretty fun for such an old game. HeH. I really like it so far.

Today, I spent a few hours watching the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 premiere online. It was... kind of moving for me. I cried through a lot of it. Mostly excited/thankful tears, but the premiere a lot brought some new fears to light. I've already mourned the end of the books, but in less than a year, I'll have to mourn the end of the movies, too. :( I don't want any of it to end. I'm also feeling like I'm not going to be able to see it at midnight. my Mom said she'd take me, but it's just a really intense experience. And with the way the medicine makes me tired, it's going to add exhaustion to dealing with crowds... not a good idea. And yet, this is one of the last chances to do something like this. I'm so torn. :/
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