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Fanfiction Blues

Well, my company is gone. It was a really wonderful week; I'm so sad it's gone. :( Hopefully, I can get them to start coming twice a year. My Uncle said he'll probably retire next year, so it should be easier for them to come more often. Thank goodness.

I spent a lot of time out while they were here. And I took lots of pictures with my new camera. We went to the park. We took Ethan to see Christmas Land. He made us run through it twice. The second time, backwards. Hehe. I even took a long (for me) trip to Deer Park. It was great. I think everyone had a good time. Brain's girlfriend, Eena, was really sweet, too. It was nice to find someone who understands that part of me. She's really quite pretty, as well.

*Sighs* But now, it's over and time to get back to normal. Only, my normal hasn't been so great the last few months. I do think being nearly constantly busy running after Ethan was really good for me. Body and soul. <3 I think once I get over the fact that they aren't around, I'll find that it helped revitalize me. Things will get better.

/trying desperately to be positive

I actually got both chapters of fics that I was waiting to get back over the week, too. And I mangaged to post them. ^_^; Somehow. I 'd forgotten how annoying it is to get the formatting right on LiveJournal. Ugh. Well, hopefully it was worth it.

In case you missed them:

Hate You, Hate Me - Chapter 10 (Harry Potter)

Three Days - Chapter 1 (Degrassi)

I didn't get many reviews for HYHM, but that's to be expected. It is only a rewrite, though I think I changed some pretty important things. And goodness, only one chapter left to revise before I can, finally, post completely new stuff.

Three Days has a modest amount of reviews. The funny thing is I've only gotten 4 ff.net reviews so far, but the story is on 9 favorites lists and 10 story alerts. o.o; That's a big difference. Is this something that happens a lot? Are people too busy/lazy to review even more than they used to be? I'd think if they are willing to put a story on their favorites list, they must really like a story. Right? Wouldn't you want to say something to the author? That's the way I'd do it. Maybe I'm just too nice.

Well, anyways... my goals for this week are finishing up and posting Chapter 2 of Three Days. I have a good idea of how it's going to go. I just have to get myself to do it. I also have some other Degrassi story ideas that are floating around in my head. It might be awhile until I get to them, though. I can't focus too much on fanfiction. Though it is tempting. I'd forgotten how nice it was to know that people like your story. I rarely show my original stories to people, so there's less motivation from outside sources.