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Degrassi Summer Finale and Fall Promo

Is it sad that I'm a little disappointed that no one got stabbed? Just a little. I'm so glad Eli and Clare are okay. <3 But honestly, I have way more to talk about with the Fall promo right now.

Things I noticed:

1. The uniforms have that horrible high-waisted skirt like Fiona's school. :/ What is up with that? My uniform wasn't like that.
2. That is Clare next to Eli, right? Has to be...
3. Eli seems to be dropping music notes to me. Does this mean he's going to sing to Clare, after all? ^_^
4. Declan's back, but Holly J. doesn't look very happy. This disappoints me. I just can't get myself to like Sav/Holy J.
5. What is Dave holding?? I saw a comment on the video saying it was a taser gun. What would he be doing with that?
6. From the video comments, it seems that Alli is the one who is leaving the school, but it will only be temporary. That didn't sound like her voice to me, though.
7. Where Clare runs away from Eli in tears seems to me to be the "terrible emotional trauma" Aislinn tweeted about. I'm not thinking it has to do with Eli directly. I think it's more personal. I think she also says "I don't know who I am!"

I can't wait for more episodes! <3 I don't know what I'll do until then...

Okay, now that I covered my feelings on that, mostly... a little more on All Falls Down. In part 1, when, Eli kisses Clare and she sighed, I pretty much squeed out loud. That was so awesome. And there were a lot of good Eclare moments in that one. I need some nice screencaps for icons. Though I'm sure people already have that covered. Still, I wonder if they'll release a two-part boxset this season. That would probably be a good idea.

In part 2, I found it interesting that Eli was able to trick Fitz. He's so smart and he knows Clare so well, that's why it worked. I liked how Clare and Adam worked together to find Eli. And how Clare ran to him. It was so emotional and scary. And then, they make us think for a second that Eli was stabbed. My Mom and I both gasped, even though I knew he was at least going to make it through. Man, those Degrassi writers like to tease us!

Now, to what I didn't like... I'm so disappointed in Drew. He really gained some points with me when he stood up for Adam, but that's all gone now. I miss liking him. It wasn't so much that he cheated on Alli (though that was sad), it's that he cheated with Bianca, the girl who messed up his brother's life. How could he do something like that? :/ I didn't like that Adam seemed to have no reaction to it either. I'm thinking it was one of those things where they just didn't have the time to cover it. Disappointing.

Speaking of not having the time to cover something... Jenna at Clare's house? Where's my apology? Where's my Jenna realizing she made a big mistake choosing K.C. over Clare's awesome friendship? ~_~; Maybe they'll still cover that at some point. Please, Degrassi writers, stop glossing over issues like this. I started thinking Jenna might have a big breakdown when she's at the hospital. And Alli and Clare would be there. Then, Jenna could apologize in the heat of the moment or something. Or maybe even in the lead up to the baby, if Clare is really supportive, which she would be. My Mom said she thought she could see Clare convincing K.C. to be there when the baby is born. I thought that was an interesting idea. Somehow, I don't think they'll take advantage of such things. But I'll have hope... for now.

On the personal side, things have been a little shaky at home. So, if I talk to you and seem a little weird/upset, don't worry too much. Just tell me to take a Klonopin. ^_^;
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