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Family and fandoms and writing!

Oh my? It's been a busy week. In good and bad ways.
I found out last Friday that my family from Texas is coming early next month, and I am so excited. I know I shouldn't play favorites with family involved, but they are a lot of fun and pretty much drama free. Which I can't really say about any of my other extended relatives. ^_^; Of course, I love seeing all of my family, but there's always some level of added stress when I see most of them. It's just inevitable. Seeing my Uncle John, Aunt Denise, and Ethan is just pure enjoyment without the feeling of tiptoeing around. My Cousin Brian is also coming with his girlfriend, who I'm both excited and scared to meet. She's a vegan, which is awesome, but I'm always scared of meeting new people. Hopefully, it will go well.

I've had a ton of fandom stuff this past week. I finally finished season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I found to be pretty much amazing all around. I liked season 1 (besides that one episode that I wish I had never seen.), but season 2 was about 10x better, in my opinion. Jill says that it just gets better and better from there, so I'm really excited to see more.

I don't want to jump into Season 3 too soon, though, so I decided to start Firefly yesterday. Space isn't really my thing, but I've heard such good things about it, so I figured I'd give it a try. And I'm so glad I did. It's fascinating! I already love the cast of characters. It didn't even take half of the first episode to feel totally hooked. I'm just sad that it's so short. :(

And of course, there's Degrassi! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I feel a bit sorry for Jenna. ^_^; Stupid me. I guess compassion doesn't (and shouldn't) shut off even for characters/people you don't really like. I really hope that they explore Clare's reaction to Jenna's pregnancy, because I think she'd show compassion too, and I'd like Jenna to see she made the wrong choice when she chose a relationship with K.C. over her friendship with Clare. Because Clare is awesome! And speaking of that...

Well, I think nekoshoujo223 was saying she didn't like dead girlfriend plots, and I have to agree. It was sad, certainly... but I don't know. Not my favorite idea for Eli, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I really liked Adam in these episodes. I feel bad for him being the third wheel. I loved how he said that if anyone could handle it, Clare could. <3 I kind of thought Adam might start having a bit of thing for Clare after she was so understanding. But she's not really his type, I guess. And what about that promo pic of Adam and Fiona (First column, second down)? That is a very interesting couple to me (in theory). And I really want Adam to find some happiness.

Then, there's the crazy promo for next week. o.O; It kind of blew my mind with confusingness! What the Hell is Drew doing with Bianca, the girl who started the messing up of his brother's life? You just made me like you, Drew, now you're pulling something like this? Ugh. I'm sure there's more to it than the obvious, but still... that's frustrating. :/ I really need to watch that promo again to process everything in it. And by again, I mean... a thousand times. Does anyone have a link? And I can't believe it's the last week for awhile. :(

I think I've reached the point of being tired of WoW. The friends I joined to play with are so much higher leveled that when we actually play together I feel like I'm doing nothing. And games like that get boring and lonely when you're playing by yourself. *Sighs* I don't know if I'm done with it forever, but for now, I feel pretty sure. I'm glad I only invested $20 and about a month to the game.

Last, but not least (Wow, this is a long post, sorry!)... I wrote about 8 pages in the last week! This is probably not as exciting as it may (or may not) sound. I think I'm just catching up on lost time. Things are still a little weird. I'm still not sure I'm on enough medicine, but at least things are better enough that I'm writing. And come to think of it... last week wasn't bad either for writing. So, improvement has arrived. But I still get scared daily that I'm going to slip back down into the abyss. :/ I don't know how to not be negative.

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