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Something Different... Something the Same

I officially love Adam. The Misfits have stolen my heart. <3 It's nice to see something different covered, too. It's not something I've experienced or seen in real life, so it's nice to see. Try to understand. I remember when I was young I used to feel like a woman in a girls body. Yeah, not the same. But it's something. Anyways, I love Adam. And my new favorite trio! (Don't worry Harry, Ron, and Hermione, I still love you, too.)

And I'm actually starting to grow fond of Drew the last two episodes. I didn't like him at first, but with his defense of Adam and even the cute sticker thing with Alli, he's earned some definite points with me. ^_^

Meanwhile, I've learned of an unfortunate spoiler about Jenna. :/ Though honestly, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw "Girl Who Doesn't Know Her Own Secret". I don't mind some repeat issues, but why Jenna? Ugh. As if we need more K.C./Jenna screen time. ~_~;
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