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Jumping Ship?

So, I'm starting to really like Eli. I kind of didn't want to, but K.C. is heading down a dark road, and I just don't think he's good for my Clare anymore. :/

But we don't really know for sure if Eli is good for Clare either. The Death card still scares me. The way I see it, either he's going to be an amazing character who dies or very, very dangerous. Either way, I'm going to end up upset. But ah, Degrassi is a drama show. I should be used to it.

My Mother actually threw in an interesting theory. Apparently, there's a song called "Eli's Coming" by Three Dog Night, and here's some lyrics: "Eli's comin', Eli's comin' (Eli's a-comin'). Well, you better hide your heart, your loving heart. Eli's a-comin' and the cards say... a broken heart"

Interesting? I figure if nothing else, it might inspire a fan video?
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