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Here and Back Again

So, I had another week+-long emotional breakdown. It was hormones. Let's leave it at that. On to more enjoyable things...

I got myself back into Degrassi big time. (Which is ironic because when I was first getting super into it was last August, when I had my last... hormone-based week+-long emotional breakdown.) But anyways, I missed almost all of Season 9, because I don't get Teen Nick in my room. *Sighs* We have the extra channels in the living room, and they don't even use them! I would all the time. But that's besides the point, because I've just about given up on actually following shows while they air. My sleeping is just too crazy.

I always meant to make a post about how I fell in love with Degrassi last year, but I just never did. Well, let me give you some insight into why: K.C. and Clare. <3 <3 <3 <3

So, I got a bit obsessed with the show after that. Oh, come on... how could I not love them? Clare is very, very much like I was in 9th grade. Shy, awkward, but bright girl with glasses. And K.C. the slightly troubled, but mostly sweet and smart boy. <3 Love. Plus I was very, very tempted to continue wearing my 8th grade uniform into High School, which Emily couldn't believe when I told her. (She's the only other person I know who watches Degrassi.)

As I tend to do, I accidentally fell in love with the couple because I was imagining a Me/Morgan type connection. This is a reoccurring problem, because the characters are not ever exactly like us... so, stuff happens, and I always end up broken-hearted. (I'll get back to this.)

After I watched all of Season 8, I quickly when through all the earlier seasons, which lead me to falling in love with other characters and pairings (not to quite as dangerous levels, though J.T./Liberty was close). I wanted to make sure I was all caught up before Season 9 started. But probably more than my irregular sleeping, or the only TV with Teen Nick being in the Living Room, I subconiously just did not want to see the destruction of my lovely couple that the promos were making quite obvious. :(

I did watch the first two episodes of that season. Which lead me to liking a new couple which some people would probably find slightly disturbing, so I'll not go into it. But even there... I could see K.C. and Clare crumbling due to Jenna. (She just had to be named Jenna...) Really, all I could do was try to calm myself down about them before it totally fell apart and hurt me too much. And that took... well, months. :/

But now, I've gotten totally excited for the new season. Mostly due to this gorgeous, symbolic promo that's been showing during the marathon they've been running. So, I preordered the Season 9 set from Amazon. Though afterwards, I remembered they had episodes online. So, I might have to indulge myself. I already watched one with Clare reading vampire novels, after Emily sent the preview to tempt me. <3 Declan/Clare would have been interesting... I might have been persuaded to like it, though I have other preferences for both of them...

Anyways, I think I'm going to have to do some indulging now. Eeehh. *Runs off*

Oh, wait... I would comment more on how I'm not too fond of LiveJournal's new front page, but it seems like the News post has already gone crazy. :/ I don't understand people. *Runs off again* has already gone crazy. :/ I don't understand people. *Runs off again*


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Jul. 6th, 2010 06:26 am (UTC)
Aw, I know. Klare was ruined too soon. Makes no sense to me. ;_; We'll have them back some day I'm sure.

I had the same feelings about Declan/Clare. They are both characters I like to ship with lots of other people.

You picked a good time to get back into the show though. New season should be awesome!
Jul. 6th, 2010 08:31 am (UTC)
Hi!! Thanks for leaving a comment.

It really did end too soon... except that... knowing kind of how the show works now, that might be for the better. To have an intense break-up that they both regret rather than simply fading away, if you know what I mean? Degrassi is a Drama show, so regrettably, there's never going to be a couple that gets together in 9th grade and stays happy all through High School and gets married afterwards. *Sighs* But that's probably pretty rare in reality, anyways, so it's understandable.

K.C. doesn't know who he is, and Clare is scared to develop herself because she's not sure she'll ever be anyone important (My guess, based on my strong feelings about her character being a lot like me). This was bound to cause problems. I think they'll have to do some soul-searching before they really can be together again.

In case you were wondering, I've caught up comepletely since this post, so no worries about spoiling me. ^_^ Watching K.C./Clare break up was a relief because he didn't cheat on her. I don't think I could have forgiven him for that. Even in the midst of everything he was going through, he broke up with her properly before he persued Jenna. To me, that's showing of his true character, just like (in a smaller way) when he admits he cheated on the test. He's a good guy, in the end. <3
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