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Find Me: Expanded

I frequent a lot of sites, so I thought I'd start up a little round-up post of these places. I'll update it as I think of it.

Social Networking:

LiveJournal: You Are Here. This is where I post my blogs.

Facebook: Most of my Facebook is public, but if you're just looking to follow my writing, check my author page instead.

Twitter: I often talk about writing updates and little bits of life that aren't big enough for a journal entry here.

Instagram: I post nature photos, hauls, what I'm reading/watching/playing pics, and lots of my guinea pig Cinnamon.

Tumblr: I reblog content from my numerous fandom interests here.


Published Works List: If you're interested in checking out one of my books, this is the place to look.

My Online Writing List: This is probably the easiest way to find my all of my writing that is currently hosted online. Fanfiction and short original works are linked here.

Facebook Author Page: I update readers on my writing here, but I mainly save this page for bigger announcements not frequent updates.

Amazon Author Page: The easy way to find my books for Kindle.

Smashwords Author Page: You can find my books in many formats here, but you'll have to get them onto your device manually.

Wattpad: I am currently writing a short serial called Doubts here.

Fiction Press: The place where I wrote my first short novel. It's not up anymore, but there are still lots of songs and short stories. Where I first started writing. *Sighs* Memories. You can find my fanfiction here, though the very old stories have been removed.

AO3: This is the new place to be for fanfiction, so I moved all my fanfics over here as well. I have a few original pieces hosted here.

Themed sites:

Giant Bomb: The best site about video games. Okay, it is a small team, but they are awesome. They make lots of funny and informative videos, but watch out for a lot of cursing. Also, check out my game collection list here.

Goodreads: A place to keep track of books. I keep it very up-to-date, so you can always find out what I'm currently reading there. I also occasionally write reviews.

LibraryThing: I don't keep this site as updated as my Goodreads, but I do check in here and there. I keep track of my music listening here. I kind of like charts and graphs when I'm not the one making them. Want to know what movies and TV shows I've watched? This is a great place to do that.

Grouvee: This site uses info from Giant Bomb to allow you to make even better video game collection lists.

PSNProfiles: I love trophies, don't you? PlayStation trophies, anyhow.

Fragrantica: A site to keep track of perfume. This site turned me into a perfume addict. Seriously.

Pinterest: I pop in occasionally to save some pretty pictures and recipes I'll probably never attempt.

YouTube: I almost never post any videos. I just watch a lot of them.

DeviantArt: Much like YouTube, I use DA more to keep track of things that other people make.

Online Game sites:

Neopets (sign up here): I've been on Neopets almost as long as I've had access to a home computer. I still get on occasionally, though the ads have just about driven me away.

Gaia Online: I go through stages of loving Gaia and basically forgetting it exists.

Game Consoles:

PSN: fireflys_locket

Nintendo: fireflyslocket

Xbox: fireflyslocket

Steam: fireflys_locket

Tags: books, fandom, intros, master list, movies, music, neopets, tech, tv shows, video games, writing
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