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Writer's Block or More?

It's quite silly how flustered all this has made me. But see, it gave me a brilliant idea. My Dad gave me this pretty ring with flowers on it. Perhaps if I stare at it and sigh, Seth will think I have a boyfriend. Childish? Yes. But if it worked... Oh, what sweet revenge would that be!

Meanwhile, I'm out of Gym Class. My knees have been bothering me for almost a month, and I have no idea why. So, I'm getting an x-ray later today. Just the thought of it freaks me out, though I don't know why. But at least for now, I don't have to run around the school until I pass out.

But the oddest thing is I can't seem to write. I just sit at Lunch with my notebook open and ready... and nothing comes. Am I having a huge case of writer's block or is it more than that?


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Mar. 24th, 2005 03:39 am (UTC)
Wow, a ring = boyfriend? Wonder if it'll work. :P

Writers block...writers block...hmm. Have you done anything really major lately? Like write something really epic? Or...perhaps...did a lot of deep thinking? Or maybe, you're just more peaceful and content than you have been for a long while. I don't know.

All the things I just mentioned are usually reasons for why I sometimes stop writing, or "writers block". I, personally, tend to write when my mind is restless, or when I've just finished something huge. Yeah. Let me know...? Hope it gets better, though!
Mar. 24th, 2005 03:42 am (UTC)
Oh, and just so you know, you might want to read my most recent post. But you're staying on my msn list.^^
Mar. 24th, 2005 07:01 am (UTC)
It's Pooh
Well, I think what fluffy...er...something (no offense) said is right, Val. I think you're more content than normal. Usually when you write, it's sad and depressing. What with recent......happenings, maybe you just...are happy???
Apr. 5th, 2005 05:01 am (UTC)
It seems to me that the best way to attract attention is by being unavailable. I once bought myself the cutest double heart ring. The boy of my dreams--who was taken by one of my 'cuter' friends--actually touched me to get a better look. I swore I would never wash my hand again.
Apr. 7th, 2005 12:00 am (UTC)
Miss Val
Hey Pookie,
Val, a ring!! & sighing!! My, you never told me about THAT. Are you making this up?? ^.~ But I do remember you getting out of gym class, lucky bitch. : P kidding. & the writer's block I think I remember that too. But maybe not. What grade is this?? 8th?? 6th?? I know it wouldn't be 7th. hmmmmm.... Are you okay?? Cause you haven't been in school for like a week & a half. I heard you had the stomach flu, then I heard you were in a major depression state. I mean I know the day before you left were worse than normal, but has it gotten worse. We're all kinda worried. Me the most though!! ^.~ Feel lucky, I WAS gonna leave a bitchy comment, but because your like you are right now, I didn't. ^__^ Your Welcome!! E-mail me please. It twill calm my mind. Oh & I was you in English class one day!! : ) But i'll tell about that later. I think i wrote enough. Love Ya Much!!
Peace, Love, & Alphabet Soup,
Well you know who.... ^__^
PS. I even wrote out even thing like, are & you. Your Welcome again!!
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