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And I'm the weird one for caring...

I don't understand people. Maybe I'd be better off just leaving it at that...

I found an old post on Giant Bomb about jokes pertaining to gender roles and using "gay" as an insult. I probably wouldn't have left a message, but it seemed like every comment was insulting the original poster about being too sensitive, and I wanted them to know they weren't the only one who felt upset by that type of thing.

"This post is old, but I just wanted to say I absolutely agree. Supposed gender roles and using "gay" (or the equivalent) as an insult are absolutely disgusting. The ironic thing is that I have friends who supported gay rights long before I did using the word "gay" as "stupid". I can't really understand that. Though when it comes to Jeff's type of joke, I would mostly just roll my eyes."

And someone replied back to me with:
"That's gay. Also old and big deal. If I was homosexual and someone called something gay, I shouldn't feel emotionally compromised by something that's not directed towards me."

~_~; It's not like I care too much about this random person's opinion. I'm just not used to this internet dispute thing. I usually stay far away from expressing my opinion for I could very easily get myself worked up with this type of thing.

I responded back: "Even though it's not a direct attack, I think someone who says things like that is showing no respect to other people. I just don't think people should be so cruel. I know that it's not always meant to be cruel. People don't even realize what they are saying because they are so desensitized to it. But that's part of the problem."

I honestly hope that's the end of it. I don't want to fight with this person; I'm a pacifist. ~_~;

But anyways, what I was really getting at is that I find the main topic sad. Why are people so cruel to each other? I mean the amount of hatred that I see online is ridiculous. And often for really stupid reasons like over which console is better. I actually saw someone on Gaia respond to a topic about liking Twilight with: "I don't know you, but I hope you die a horrible death." Seriously. Just because that person liked Twilight! It's digusting. There are lots of people who like things that I don't like... or even hate, but I would never say something like that.

But the funniest thing is that, as always, I'm in the minority. I'm the weird one for caring. But that's fine. If being weird means actually having some sort of respect for people, then I'll gladly be weird.



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Mar. 8th, 2010 10:38 am (UTC)
I think some people just say shit because they can, and they don't care about who it might affect.

I hope the original poster sees your comment. I think you did a good thing.
Mar. 8th, 2010 10:47 am (UTC)
Thanks so much. <3

It's really hard for me, being so sensitive. It is both good and bad. It's good in that I'm compassionate to other people, but it also means that rude people hurt me so much more. And knowing that, I try to avoid conflict.

I'm not sure if the original poster gets on the site anymore or not (it was a year-old post), but it felt pretty good to say, anyways. This seemed important, somehow.
Mar. 8th, 2010 10:54 am (UTC)
Unfortunately, though... my post apparently "bumped" the thread leading more people to make horrible comments. One person said they hoped the original poster killed themself. ...I feel kind of ill now. I guess I shouldn't have looked back. ~_~;
Mar. 8th, 2010 10:57 am (UTC)
:( Bloody trolls.

I went back and actually read the post, and that kind of thing really needs to be said. I'm sure a lot of people read and and really thought about it but didn't comment because they felt they didn't have anything to add.
Mar. 8th, 2010 11:13 am (UTC)
Hm. Maybe. I have noticed that it's the angry trolls who are the loud ones. (How ironic.) Then there are the quiet ones like me... usually too scared to say anything. And I kind of wonder if by saying something, I broke some kind of formula to the world and only made things worse. ~_~; It's not enough for one quiet person to stand against all the loud trolls. Ugh. Especially someone so weak as me.

But I still know that I'm right. I just wish that the site didn't treat the blogs like forum posts, thereby letting all these stupid people get reintroduced to an old entry just because I wanted to leave a personal thought to someone else's personal thought. That seems pretty off to me.
Mar. 9th, 2010 11:01 pm (UTC)
I think it sounds weird that it treats blogs like forum posts too.
Mar. 9th, 2010 11:58 am (UTC)
It's Mal.
I think what's most important is to determine the intent behind words. You shouldn't always take them for what they mean literally. People of our generation are fools for shock value, but do they REALLY want this person to die a horrible death? No. It's supposed to be "funny" to say something so dramatic over something little that doesn't really matter. The fact that it's illegitimate and excessive is what makes it "funny." It's ridiculous. I know it's strange to try to understand if you're used to taking things at face value.

Then there are the people who really are nasty on the internet- most people, really. And it's mostly about forcing their opinion down someone elses throat...

Oh well. Don't give it too much thought, Val.
Mar. 9th, 2010 12:28 pm (UTC)
Re: It's Mal.
Thinking too much is kind of what I do, though. *Sighs*
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 10th, 2010 05:59 pm (UTC)
I guess that just shows how sensitive I am even more; I have a hard time finding a lot of things funny. But I see what you mean.
Apr. 9th, 2010 07:21 pm (UTC)
Hey there!
Hello, this is Symphony from GB. I stumbled into here through your about me page in a quest to find out more about your username. Hope ya don't mind -- you did link to it after all ;P

I remember that thread and how ignorant many of the replies were. Par for the course when it comes to GB though (or the Internet, in general), sadly. I'm with you and agree with your sentiments.

Haha, looking back on that thread I remember wanting to say something similar and then reading my friend Xeiphyer's long-winded rant and my forehead hit my desk and I lost my train of thought. Good times, good times.

Anyhow, just thought I'd say hi since I dropped into your sanctuary and it would have been rude of me to leave without saying anything. ^^
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