Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

What's the opposite of writer's block?

Writing has been going extremely well lately. So well, that I'm a little baffled. I mean how did I go from an average of 1-2 pages a week to 10 last week? o.O;

Honestly, it's not like I'm usually at a loss for inspiration. Anything but that. It's motivation to actually write things out that I'm usually lacking in. When I was in school, I was writing every free second. Since I left (close to 5 years now!), I usually have to really force myself to write anything. Not these pass two weeks. Actually, even before that, I've been steadily writing little scenes from lots of stories I haven't officially started yet. This was a practice I used to hate. In fact, I still kind of hate it. I blame my OCDness. I do not like writing out of order. At all.

I've been putting a lot of effort into Spun of Silver, which is a story I'm writing with Mallory. It actually has us in it. And it has Morgan. <3 I've only only ever written one chapter for it. And Mallory as well. But she's worked on the first chapter over the years. I don't think I had touched my chapter since I left school. I really haven't ever drastically changed my style, but I've found in the lastest rewriting of Dreaming in Shadow that I can more easily think of less cliche ways of expressing things.

It's just really weird to actually enjoy the writing process again. I remember a couple of years ago, probably around the time I first started Miss Masquerade and trying to do a weekly bit of writing for Jill, when I got a little taste of that. And in writing Dreaming in Shadow early on in this revision, I remembered how much I missed Jodi and Jeremy as characters. I'm not sure how long this enjoyment will last. I'm trying not to push myself too much, because I don't want to break the process that is actually working.

I think a lot of the motivation is coming from two things... one is Mallory's enjoyment of when I write SoS. The other, I think, goes to some of the random bits from other stories, as well. Because what I've been writing the most are stories about Morgan. And it's been comforting. When in comes to Spun of Silver, anyways. The other story... well, there's a reason I haven't started it yet. Mostly because I'm really scared. It's been my alternative to reality for almost 12 years. It's been my safe place. And for a long time, that's all it was. It wasn't meant to be a story. It was what I wanted my life to be. When I really start writing it, I'm kind of scared I'll lose it. But well, that's a few months away...

Anyways, writing is working for now, so I'm just going to try to enjoy it. Maybe it will stick around for awhile.

Tags: dreaming in shadow, friends, magic inc, miss masquerade, morgan, school, spun of silver, writing

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