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I am quite stunned. My feelings are changed so easily, it seems. My father has semi-recently gotten a new a new girlfriend. I expected it to happen eventually, although it was actually nice being alone with him on visits. Or perhaps it was just a relief from putting up with my evil ex-stepmother, Bonnie. Yes, that's probably it.

In any case, today I met this new girlfriend, MaryAnn and one of her sons, Matt. It was odd watching them get out of the car and come towards the house. It's hard to explain, really. It was just that knowledge that nothing would be the same again. I was entering a new phase in my life.

MaryAnn was very nice, though she seemed awfully nervous. I mentioned this to my mother as we escaped to Cray's room to water my bean plants.

Matt, however, was a pest. Only... Well, he is quite the flirt. I can't say I didn't adore the attention. Seth doesn't give me such attention. He never did. The attention I got from him was always negative. If not non-existant, that is.

Perhaps I should be looking elsewhere for a place to rest my love? Perhaps...? No. Never.

...blessing or curse? I cannot yet tell.

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