Valerie Rutherford (fireflys_locket) wrote,
Valerie Rutherford

New Year and Required Reading

It's 2010. Wow, it's weird to type that. I mean, every year it's hard for me to type (or write) the new year for awhile. I usually don't accidentally use the old one, but every time I write it or type it, I feel this weird sensation. It's the same sensation I remember as far back as the first time I wrote 1999 on a school paper. I guess I've always been too bizarrely aware of most things. 2010 is very, very weird, in that I keep wanting to throw an extra 0 in... "20010". I'd gotten so used to those middle zeros...

Anyways, I'm really hoping that 2010 will be a good year... I'll even dare to ask that it be a great year, for while I'm sure there are people who have had a far worse one, for me, 2009 was traumatic most of the way through. I won't say it's the worst year, I've ever had either. I'm sure 2005 was worse. Though in a way, I'm thankful for 2005.

Oh, goodness, I'm getting way off of what I wanted to talk about, but I'll pretend this was my point all along and try to pull it together. There are not many things that, if I'm being totally logical about it, I regret about 2005. By that I mean, my leaving school. Yes, I could (and sometimes, do) go back and forth with myself on this... but I'm talking about totally logically. I didn't need much else that I would have been taught, and I would not have gone to college. I would have crashed at the end of high school much in the same way. There's actually a benefit in having it happen when it did... I'm two years farther ahead than I would have been.

On the academic side, I believe I really only could have benefited from one area, some of the required reading I would have had for my English classes. I say some of it, because some of it I really disliked. Some of it I would have hated. In fact, I think, from what little I know of it, Lord of the Flies would have made me completely ill. And a quick look on Wikipedia has really confirmed that. Now, to try to distract myself from becoming upset on just the thought of that book, I'll finally get on to my point.

What are the books that you really enjoyed of your required school readings? Which are you really thankful to have read? If you could leave some recommendations in the appropriate post, I'd be very thankful, myself. Uh, and still keep in mind that I upset very easily. Obviously, since my stomach is sick just from skimming an article on Lord of the Flies on Wikipedia. (I wonder... was this how I felt about Rule of Rose about three years ago? I think it was close. I sort of remember... That weird, twisted intrigue. *Cringes* I do not want that to happen again, you hear me!? *Cough* Wow, I'm really losing it.)

For my part, I remember enjoying Fahrenheit 451, Great Expectations, and A Separate Peace of what I did read in high school. And now, I'm off to my number one distraction, the Endurance Run, to get upsetting thoughts out of my head!

Happy New Year, everyone. ^_^;
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