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Final Fantasy VIII

So, browsing around on GameSpot (mostly voting on their year end awards), I found that Final Fantasy VIII is coming to PSN. I never actually finished it. I was playing it during one of the most hectic times of my life (aka early 2005). And I just never went back to it. I finished Final Fantasy IX, got to the end of Final Fantasy VII, and - of course - have played through the newer ones. But for some reason... anytime I think of playing Final Fantasy VIII, I decide not to. It isn't because I didn't like what I played of it... so, it really must be the memories attached to it. Not that all of those memories are bad, even. It makes me think of Christen too, but... that was such an upsetting time.

Anyways, I'm starting to think... it's coming on 5 years since I left school and all. Maybe, it's time to just start over. Maybe it would be theraputic.

Tags: anxiety, fandom, final fantasy, friends, school, video games

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