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According to my dreams...

I have a lot of interesting dreams. I'm also pretty good at remembering them. A lot of my story ideas end up coming from dreams. But sometimes, I just have weird fandom-ish dreams. So, since I haven't posted in awhile I thought I'd let people in on a few things that are *going to happen... according to my dreams... from the last couple of days.

1. Giant is going to have a Persona 4 Endurance Run convention tour. It will be awesome.

2. The next Sims 3 expansion pack will be Carnival/Pets based. It will take the carnival-y stuff from Makin' Magic and bring it back. It will also include pets, which can be trained for performing tricks at said carnival.

3. Chris Noth will guest star on Heroes. (The only reason I know about this actor is from how much my Grandma likes him, so I'll have to let her in on this one, though I think Heroes is probably too violent for her. Actually, it's too violent for me too, but... oh, well, too late on that one.)

*Some restrictions apply. Results may vary.
Tags: dreams, fandom, persona, the sims, tv shows, video games

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