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Cursing Thursday...

I have always hated Thursdays. Why? They are cursed. I swear. Every really horrible thing in my life has happened on a Thursday...

Thursday is one of our gym days. I can't stand gym class. It usually turns out utterly humiliating. I thought that running would be so much better. I was very wrong. Perhaps I have asthma or something of the sort for running those 6 minutes was pure torture. I could not breathe at all.

Afterwards, I headed to my next class, trying (and failing) to cover up the fact that I was hyperventilating. Mrs. Kauldy came over to me concerned. I told her lying down would simply make it worse.

But staying made me worse... See, Seth and Heather sit in front of me. The tables are oddly positioned so that they face each other. They were flirting like crazy, which isn't entirely rare. But they were giving me the horrid feeling that they-

I came very close to doing something I hadn't thought of in over a year. But I didn't. Why? Genius. Yes, that Disney Channel movie from three years ago. I remember sitting with my neighbor, Lauren, on her swing set talking about it. I totally "fell in love" with Chaz. Strange how it feels like yesterday. 3 years...

I adored that movie. I guess I still do for it made me feel so much better. It could always make me laugh. It made me realize something too. I have to stop loving Seth. No matter what, the torment just isn't worth it. So, I will stop...
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