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Pretty much if you know anything about me, it's that I'm a writer. Or it should be, anyways. I've been writing in the literal sense since I was 10, but I was making up stories long before then. It's the second most important thing in my life. (First being finding Morgan. <3 )

Anyways, the reason why I bring this up now is because my old Master Story Links post went and died on me. ~_~; I had to start it all over. Which was a decent little project, but I stupidly decided to turn it into a HUGE project. I reformatted all the old entries that were messed up do to my lazy copy-paste from Word and such. Found a decent simple layout with tag support built in. Then, with that, I went back and tagged all the entries... like I did here a while ago. Matched all my stories with appropriate icons. And linked my Hate You, Hate Me entries together.

It was a three day project. I did take a break yesterday because I was starting to go crazy. But in the end, I think it was for the best... as long as I never have to do it again! ~_~;

Also the combination of reformatting HYHM and the recent Harry Potter movie has gotten me reinvigorated in fanfiction. During my day long break from the madness, I had to drop everything TWICE to write out some HYHM scenes. Well, one was for the sequel. HeH. But still. And I ended up with... 8 pages!! The most I've written at once since I can't remember. And though, I'm tired from finishing the community I feel the creative pull is still quite strong in me. ^_^
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