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I'm Alive! (Sickness and E3 ramblings)

So, I got really sick. Yes, it was just a cold, but... it totally knocked me over. I had to cancel my little birthday party and everything. ~_~; I couldn't sleep, much like the cold I had last July. So, it was just miserable.

The ironic thing was, when I was finally starting to get better, it was time for E3. (Which if you don't know, I'm always glued to the coverage of.) That's the same thing that happened last time around. o.o; So I was watching my press conferences with a box of tissues again. Ah, well... at least both times I was on the recovering side.

The Microsoft press conference was first. I showed my Mom The Beatles Rock Band video they showed at the start of it, and she liked it so much that she downloaded it off of YouTube. HeH. I of course, enjoyed the Final Fantasy 13 demo they showed, though I'm probably getting it for the PS3, sorry, Microsoft. I think the Project Natal stuff has the potiental to be cool too. (Though I would never want to play all games in that fashion.) And I really want to be friends with Milo. Yes, I'm lonely... so what?

Last week really was a crazy week, because The Sims 3 was released as well. I only barely had time to get the game and install it on Tuesday before the conferences started up again. Nintendo was first. Showing New Super Mario Bros. for Wii right off the bat. Which I thought was a very good idea. It inspired me to finally finish up the DS version. HeH. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was also announced. Yoshi! <3 Which is cool... still haven't even started the first one, though. ~_~; Oops. I will, though! Soon... I hope.

And Sony was the last of "The Big Three" as they like to say. And there was a Final Fantasy 13 trailer. Then, the first announcement of Final Fantasy 14. People gasped... including me. And then, I thought... oh, wait... it's online isn't it? And right I was. How sad. Don't charge to play, and I'll totally buy the game, Square-Enix. Otherwise, forget it. Yours Sadly, Valerie.

They also talked about the PSP Go, which I personally think is too small and smashed together, but that's just me. Plus, I like having physical copies of my stuff. That's just how I am. They showed their next step in motion control. I'm starting to think Heavy Rain looks cool. Maybe too dark for me. Hmmm. I don't know. :/ Also LittleBigPlanet for PSP. <3

Here's a great look at each of the days if you want more: Pre-Show (Day 0), Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. Yes, I do love you, Giant Bomb.

Sooo, there you are. *Fingers die* I am still hoping to post more often, honestly. I just keep getting thrown off by this or that.

Coming soon (I hope):
The Sims 3-ness (I have finally played it.)
Rule of Rose-ness. *Shivers* (I... bought it.)
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