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Company and The Sims 3

Hi, there. I've been busy lately. Truthfully, while it's weird for me to be busy, but not always a bad weird. *Shrugs*

I had a ton of company staying here for 5 days. I was so scared that I'd be going crazy with 8 people in our house, but it worked out surprisingly well. My Uncle John and Aunt Denise, cousins Brian and Andrea, and Andrea's almost 2-year-old son, Ethan. He's so sweet! ^_^ I spent as much time with him as I could. When just John, Denise, and Ethan visited in the Fall, it was lovely. But I was worried that so many people at once would overload me. Especially because last week, I seemed even more emotional than usual... which, wow. That's really saying something.

Anyways, it worked out great most of the time. Going out most nights to eat got a little crazy, but other than that it was fine... and fun. The whole Texas group hasn't been here all at once in many years, I think. And now they have Ethan. <3 Awww. Ethan. I love him so.

Even my sleep schedule behaved well. o.o; Until the last night, at least. Brian and I stayed up until 2:30. I really haven't seen him more than briefly in a great many years. It's hard being around a guy for me, though. ~_~; Not just embarrassing, but... stupid, Hachi-ness. It wasn't completely terrible, though. It was fun talking video games and tech stuff, going to game stores, messing with his new iPhone and such. ^///^; But really, Hachi. Stop that, please.

And speaking of video games... okay, I finally decided to break down and preorder The Sims 3 as my birthday gift. I totally hate myself for it, though. I was so, SO mad when I found of all the things they were changing. I like playing one house at a time. I like micromanaging things. ~_~; Apparently, I'm the minority. As per usual. I love The Sims 2. The formula has been done to perfection. I never wanted a Sims 3 to exist. I could live on happily with Sims 2 expansions forever.

However, there are some cool elements to it. You can choose from a bunch of different Personality Traits. I've heard there's a trait you can choose that's "vegan".  <3 <3 <3 And "Romantic". Hehe. So, it will be fun making myself and Morgan. <3 And making our little love story. *Sighs*

...*Cough* Um, anyways. I just have to think of it as a completely different game. As long as I think that way, I'll be fine. I don't have to stop playing The Sims 2 just because I'm getting The Sims 3. And I won't, believe me. I have thousands of Sims, with crazy, wonderful, interweaving stories. I'd never give them up. <3 But that doesn't mean I can't embrace some new Sims 3 Sims and stories. HeH.

My Mom told me to just think of it as the next Final Fantasy. I don't have to replace FF10 with FF12. I can love both! (And I do!) That was really surprisingly insightful of her... I mean, considering it was about video games. ^_^;

The simming formula really has been done to perfection for me. And I guess that's why they have to move in a different direction now.

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