September 22nd, 2021

Pretty Hachi - girlgamer

Painting with Words

When I was a teenager, I told my friends I had visions. Because I did. Just not the kind they were thinking of. They didn't believe me. 😅

At some point over the last few years, I learned that not everyone has a constant running monologue in their heads, and it, well, blew my mind. I've always heard my own inner voice... or voices? I sometimes describe it as my mind, heart, and soul constantly debating with each other. Maybe that's why writing out characters' thoughts has always come easily to me.

However, I also have bursts of visual inspiration. Colors flowing, images interspersed. Usually, it's triggered by music, like my own personal music video. Often, it leads to ideas for writing. But sometimes, it's just a mess of pretty visuals. Golden feathers. Raindrops suspended in the air. Broken necklaces falling into the water.

Being totally unaware that this was just another way for the brain to process, I really thought these were visions. Secret predictions sent to me in an abstract or surreal form. And they were, in a way. They showed me what was possible. What magic I could someday paint with my words.

Are you more a verbal or visual thinker? I think they're both beautiful in their own ways. And yes, you can be both! 💕

Don't forget: daydreaming is part of creating! Go ahead and let your mind wander! 💖